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Pipefitter – 1st Class

A pipefitter journeyman is responsible for removing, repairing, targeting, laying out, fabricating, installing, and testing marine piping systems such as Auxiliary Salt Water, Fire Main, Potable Water, Hydraulic, Compressed Air, Fuel Oil, Lube Oil, Engine Exhaust etc. in accordance with work item specifications, NAVSEA/Military standards and drawings or other regulatory body standards such as ABS, Military Sealift Command, etc.

Repair and fabrication include the use of various shop equipment such as table saws, pipe threading machines, bending machines (power as well as hand operated), drill presses and brazing equipment.

Additional tasks associated with this position include blanking and pressure testing of tanks (structural boundary testing).

The journeyman is also responsible for providing direction to improvers and helpers as directed by the supervisor.

The qualifications and general capabilities listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and ability desired by the shipyard.



1. Must be able to comprehend instructions, drawings, and general correspondence.
2. Must have a comprehensive knowledge of ship construction.
3. Must be physically and medically capable to wear all required personal protective equipment (PPE) required for the job as prescribed under OSHA standards. PPE includes hard hat, safety glasses, steel toe shoes, goggles, respirator, safety harness, safety line, flotation gear, etc.)
4. Must be able to effectively confer job related information such as conditions found reports in writing that include recommended corrective action.
5. Must have a thorough knowledge of experience with P-73 joint fit-up.
6. Must be able to interpret drawings, specifications, and Navy/MSC/ABS standard items and manuals.
7. Must possess a comprehensive knowledge of equipment and work processes used in marine pipe fabrication, repair, and targeting.
8. Must be able to operate and care for equipment, portable power tools, and hand tools used to accomplish assigned work.
9. Must be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. Must understand the US customary and metric measurement systems.
10. Must have five (5) years of pipefitting shipyard experience.

Posted On: Friday, December 4, 2020

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