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Marine Electrician – Job is in San Diego, CA

Job Description:

This position is responsible for the installation, repair, and hook-up of equipment for electrical services on a ship. The individual must have working knowledge of electrical theory and procedures and the ability to troubleshoot and repair shipboard electrical systems and equipment (600 V and less) in accordance with specifications and drawings. The qualifications and general capabilities listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and ability desired by the shipyard.

Work Tasks Include:

Running cables, lines and leads, terminations/connector fabrication, packing of cable transits and harnessing cables aboard vessels.

Prepares work area, drills holes, grinds metal surfaces, inspect and reports on cableway and electrical equipment conditions, tests and reports results on electrical equipment.

Test internal circuits of major units of electrical equipment for continuity, short circuits, and grounds and measure electrical quantities and compare with established values.

Inspect trip shafts, toggle linkages and all other mechanical parts to see that they operate freely without binding.

Inspect mechanical and electrical connections including mounting bolts and screws; draw out disconnect devices and control wiring.

Detect and locate grounds, open circuits and short circuits in distribution generators and systems.

Maintain and repair telephones, circuits, and associated equipment.

Install new power and lighting circuits.

Must be familiar with all safety procedures pertaining to or where to obtain electrical procedures.

Must be very knowledgeable of work/safety procedures and manual.

Implement Lock-out Tag-out for work being performed.


Posted On: Saturday, October 10, 2020

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