Martin Grant Associates, Inc.

C/L Client Manager

Martin Grant Associates, Inc. - Boston, MA

We are recruiting for a client facing manager. True "old school " develop and maintain a relationship with commercial clients and underwriters. Analyze and create client insurance programs for higher middle marketing.

Account sizes vary $10k to 100K in revenue and are mostly casualty driven. What is different about this opportunity and broker is they insure the “total worker”.

Group Employee benefits lead the way into sales and PC side handles it a warm lead. Once written our client has the total account, Employee Benefits, Worker’s Comp and all other ancillary lines.

PC Client Manager works with the sales team, once written the Client Manager will handle the account.

Develops knowledge of a client’s business and industry and their specific risk profile through their business model, asset portfolio, product, and cash flow, loss history, etc. Identifies the client’s exposure to loss and the means to address them; predominately through insurance risk transfer. Identifies tolerance to risk retention and service needs and protocols.

Posted On: Wednesday, May 8, 2019
Compensation: $100-$140k

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