Branch Manager

McFarlin Stanford - Boulder, CO

Mission for Branch Manager

Manage and Grow the Colorado Team. Meet planned growth, profit, maintenance base, project installation, and customer retention goals through leadership and management of staff. Implement the Rock Habits while adhering and living the company core Values. Continuously coaching team member(s) and implementing best practices to develop, train and retain high performers

Outcomes Ratings and Comments

  1. Annual Plan Redemption:
    1. Ability to redeem annual financial plan through leadership and management of staff
    2. KPI- Overall company revenue, departmental GPM's, Net Profit (11-14 percent)


  2. Accounts Receivable and Cash Flow standards met on a monthly basis
    1. AR kept at 25 days or lower
    2. Cash Flow in the black 100 percent of the year
  3. Increase Revenue by 15% over end of year numbers
  4. Internal Relations and External Relations:
    1. Net Promoter Score above 60%
    2. Weekly Core Value Meetings
    3. 12 (once a month) creative ideas to build awareness of Core Values
  5. Recruit and Hire “A” players
    1. Recruit and build an “A” player list/ 10 individuals
    2. Hire and retain 2 “A” players during the year
  6. Client Retention and Client Satisfaction
    1. Maintenance Client Retention at 92 percent or higher (Client Dollar Amount)
    2. Quality Control audits performed at 95 percent or higher
    3. Client Care Calls logged in Aspire and accurate on a quarterly basis
  7. Personal Development Plan must be presented and signed off by ownership before December 15th of each year
  8. Oversight of Company Priorities that are established at Quarterly Petra Planning
    1. 80% of company priorities achieved from quarter to quarter
    2. 100% monthly adherent to Clear Company


      Essential Job Functions:

       Annual Plan Redemption:

      Redeem annual plan in sales, activity, sales cost, G&A cost, sales head count, actual gross profit, maintenance base and net operating income through leadership and management of staff in specific assigned markets

      Landscape Industry Knowledge:

      Competent understanding of landscaping systems and terminology for both project and maintenance agreements. Able to effectively price and recommend maintenance programs and project opportunities. Train, direct and evaluate staff regarding landscaping systems knowledge to minimize risks.

      Sales Presentation Strategy:

      Understand customer organization and decision-making process to effectively participate in strategy development and presentation. Train, direct an evaluate staff in the development and implementation of effective sales strategies using the GreenEarth Process.

      Maintenance Agreement Escalation and Salvage:

      Train, direct and evaluate staff in effectively evaluating and selling price escalations. Establish escalation policy to assure customer retention while maintaining profit objectives. Minimize cancellation rate by assisting and directing sales and operations to promptly and effectively redeem customer obligations and respond to cancellation notices.

      Credits and Collections:

      Train, direct and evaluate staff in the effective application of credit and collections program. Assess degree of risk, Approve new accounts according to credit policy.

      Internal Relations:

      Build and maintain rapport and positive working relations with all inter company, intra-affiliate staff to resolve problems, capitalize on opportunities and maximize revenue and profit.

      External Relations:

      Build rapport and productive working relationships with customers, vendors and other outside agents. Effectively represent company's interest to outside agents to maximize profits.

      Work Force Utilization:

      Train, direct and evaluate staff regarding all assignments to assure customer satisfaction and redemption plan.



      Service Project Schedules:

      Understand timing of work and how it relates to others. Train, direct, evaluate and assist staff in the development, communication and redemption of schedules.

      Cash Flow:

      Monitor all billing to assure optimum cash flow. Expedite payments. Train, direct and evaluate staff to assure optimum cash flow.


      Establish purchasing policy. Train, direct, evaluate and assist staff to assure availability and lowest cost in purchasing.


      Train, direct and evaluate staff in preparation of prompt, clear, concise and complete documentation and paperwork. Audit proposals, job packages and company paperwork to assure quality.

      Expense Control:

      Develop and assure compliance with approved budget.

      Sales Skills:

      Train, direct and evaluate Aspire to achieve annual sales goals. Participate in using Aspire in development and implementation of sales campaigns, programs, and procedures. Support staff in the use of GreenEarth sales tools.

      Time Management:

      Follow good time management practices. Train, direct and evaluate staff in time management when necessary. Assign goals to staff and measure performance.

      Surveys and Pricing:

      Establish pricing policy and audit proposals to ensure they meet company profit goals. Train, direct and evaluate Aspire to properly evaluate, survey and price service agreements and all other work.


      Delegate, organize work of others by role description and procedures; encourage mutual agreement on written objectives. Effectively audit performance of staff. Recommend appropriate personnel actions, i.e., hiring, firing, promotion, compensation, etc.


      Motivate and train staff. Develop and implement programs to improve skills of individuals as well as the group. Recommend training sessions.



      Assure compliance with company policies and laws. Represent the company to compliance personnel from outside agencies. Present and defend practices. Assist in preparing annual affirmative action goals and timetables.

      Field Productivity:

      Train, direct and evaluate staff in providing materials, directions, tools and logistical support to the field personnel to maximize output per hour. Motivate staff and maintain high morale. Instruct and direct appropriate personnel to properly staff jobs to control labor costs. Redeem gross profit objectives.

      Systems and Programs:

      Regularly review operating and sales policy, procedures and methods. Measure effectiveness of existing programs, identify problems or weaknesses and establish new methods or corrective action. Establish policies and procedures necessary for internal administration.

      Annual Planning:

      Develop annual plan according to established procedures.

      Account Expansion:

      Train, direct and assist sales team to increase existing customer maintenance coverage and/or services.

      Market Development:

      Evaluate current market (i.e., market share, geography, customer's service mix, etc.). Identify new markets. Develop and execute a plan for market penetration that assures attainment of profit goals. Assign sales team.

      Customer Relations:

      Train, direct and evaluate staff to promptly and efficiently resolve customer complaints. Participate with other unit personnel in resolution of customer complaints where necessary.

      Special Projects:

      Provide support for any special projects as assigned by your manager. These special projects, at the determination of your manager, may or may not become part of this position's primary duties.


      • Efficiency - Able to produce significant output with minimal wasted effort
      • Honesty and Integrity – Does not cut corners ethically. Earns trust and maintains confidences. Does what is right, not just what is politically expedient. Speaks plain fully and truthfully
      • Organization and Planning – Plans, Organizes, schedules, and budgets in an efficient productive manner. Focuses on key priorities.
      • Follow through on commitments – Lives up to verbal and written agreements, regardless of personal cost.
      • Intelligence – Learns quickly. Demonstrates ability to quickly and proficiently understand and absorb new information.
      • Attention to Detail – Does not let important details slip through the cracks or derail a project
      • Persistence – Demonstrates tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done.
      • Ability to hire A Players – Sources, Selects and sells A players to join a company
      • Ability to develop people – Coaches people in their current roles to improve performance, and prepares them for future roles.
      • Creativity/Innovation – Generates new and innovative approach to problems
      • Enthusiasm – Exhibits passion and excitement over work. Has a can do attitude
      • High Standards – Expects personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the best.
      • Listening Skills – Let others speak and seeks to understand their viewpoints
      • Personal and Organizational Growth – Willing to make an applied effort to grow personally and professionally.
      • Communication – Understand the importance of communication and constantly strive to better communicate with teammates and clients



Posted On: Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Compensation: $85,000.00 - $115,000.00

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