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Commercial Account Manager - Boston, MA

McFarlin Stanford - Walpole, MA


 Commercial Account Manager Role:

The Commercial Account Manager oversees a portfolio of customers such as office, industrial, apartment, HOA and assisted living facilities. Serving as the customer’s primary point of contact, the Account Manager is responsible for overall client satisfaction, management and renewal of the maintenance and snow contract, oversight and development of teams performing tasks and selling enhancement work on contract maintenance jobs. The Account Manager will communicate with the customer consistently to keep them informed of scheduled visits, tasks and observations.


We are looking for team members who are:

Caring: You care about how your behavior impacts your team, customers and the company.

Positive: You create a positive impression that improves the lives of others.

Dedicated: You are dedicated to your work because people’s joy depends on it.


What makes working at our company so special?

We know commercial properties need to look their best. When the landscape has a negative impact on the people that experience it though, it can be frustrating to property managers and cause added stress and loss of sales.


At (Company), we understand how critical it is for the landscape to make a positive impression which is why we are a landscape partner who cares and values the importance of details.


We provide the best care because people deserve to work, live and play surrounded by an environment that creates joy.


What will my daily experience look like?

While many positions are different, each day, every team member prides themselves on taking the following actions:

I am Prepared: I prepare for tomorrow today, because preparation determines outcome.

I Communicate: I must communicate to be successful.

I Pay Attention to Details: I focus on the little things that make all the difference.

Satisfactory performance at this level is indicated by high renewal rate, acceptable volume of enhancement sales and coordination with other managers to ensure company’s goals are met.


We don’t want our company to be just another job for you.

We are on a mission to provide peace of mind by delivering the best care because people deserve to work, live and play surrounded by an environment that creates joy. If you work at (Company), you’ll learn about plants, safety, business, customer service and most importantly you’ll be creating a positive impression that improves the lives of others.


Essential Function Examples

  1. Develop strong client relations with exemplary levels of customer service and communication resulting in a high level of client satisfaction and retention.
  1. Provides horticultural expertise to identify, estimate, sell and manage enhancement projects including but not limited to plantings, color displays, irrigation, tree and shrub care and design concepts.
  2. Supervise and schedule multiple landscape and snow field teams and resources; provide directions and goals to be achieved; and ensure efficiency in field operations at high job quality and standards.
  3. Responsible for renewing managed portfolio of maintenance and snow agreements.
  4. Learn and become proficient with Aspire Software that which we use for estimating, scheduling, purchasing, etc.
  5. Develop a clear understanding of the hourly and cost budgets for each of your jobs. Monitor by reviewing job costs regularly and acting as needed. Communicate job cost information with Team Leaders on a regular basis to control hours and costs.
  6. Promote employee engagement, with hands on training and support in areas of field safety, asset management, customer service, efficiency, proper maintenance techniques and equipment operation.
  7. Contribute to our company by sharing ideas, strategies, and challenges.
  8. Help maintain fleet and equipment that reflect our image and provide a safe operating environment for our employees.
  9. 9. Assist in the sales process for new landscape and snow services contracts by identifying and estimating opportunities.


    Qualification Requirements

  10. At least three (4) years of professional horticulture, landscape, customer service, production management, training, sales and estimating similar to that presented above.
  11. Leadership and past experience in the commercial landscape industry will be given priority.
  12. Self-driven to develop personal knowledge to grow and improve skills and expertise.
  13. Massachusetts Certification Landscape Professional (MCLP) certification is a plus.
  14. Valid driver’s license required.
  15. Key Performance Indicators

    The Key Performance Indicators for this position will be specified at the time of appointment.

Posted On: Tuesday, June 1, 2021
Compensation: $70,000 - $80,000

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