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Revenue: is the “oxygen” of your business

  • Keep a focus on driving revenue as this creates opportunity for your team to grow
  • Remember that it hurts to not grow, so why would we not want to grow?

    Quality: Effective Managers “balance” the cost of quality with client satisfaction

  • Don't give more than they want
  • Do they know that you gave them what you did?
  • Find what is important to them
  • They will likely not demand even what you wanted to give to them

    Cost Control: The “gatekeeper” of profitability

  • Know the average about everything that happens in your branch
  • Know the comparison to previous period and against the plan
  • Know what you want to pay to get everything done
  • Don’t take your eye off the ball



    The main objectives of the Branch Manager position is to work hands on and lead, manage and be accountable (LMA) for landscape maintenance and landscape installation operations of the branch each day to ensure the highest level of quality services is being performed. Reporting directly to the Director of Operations, the Branch Manager will provide direction, training, and support to Operations Managers (OM), Group Leaders (GL), Client Relations Managers (CRM), Business Development Representatives (BDR) and production crews. Branch Manager is expected to lead by example and assist where needed to ensure all Company operations are compliant with Quality, Efficiency, and Safety standard procedures, and can effectively communicate with the OM’s, GL’s, CRM’s, BDR’s and production crew members with a focus of on-going and continuous improvement of the services and products our Company provides.


    The Branch Manager is responsible for management and direction of the branch, including executing company initiatives, maintaining standards of excellence in delivery, and ensuring profitability of the location.



    Field Operations:

    - Ability to effectively utilize the Time keeping system and can support other crew members through training and coaching on the company software.

    - Ability to transition into and direct enhancement work as the need arises.

    - Work with Fleet & Facility Manager and OM’s to ensure that the correct quantity and acceptable quality of tools and materials are available for specific job.

    - Ensure that in-field budgeted production hours are understood for each job worked.

    - Train, coach, and support in-field work Quality, Efficiency, and Safety initiatives with crew and crew leaders.

    - Provide an avenue for all Operations Managers to become involved in the quality, efficiency, and safety improvement processes through constructive feedback and involvement.

    - Provide consistent feedback to team members regarding areas where continuous improvement is needed.

    - Participate in Job Cost reviews for sites, providing constructive feedback for improvements.

    - Working with the necessary team members to develop and maintain maintenance & landscape work schedules, completion timelines, equipment requirements, and man-power requirements while providing support as required to successfully complete work.

    - Actively participate in the in-field task time studies – providing input for efficiency improvements.

    - Ensure that crew members understand the work tasks to be performed and can develop job task expectations with crew members, working with them to develop an efficient plan of attack for job completion.

    - Ensures that quality control inspections are completed for every job performed.


Safety Compliance:

- Work with production crews to ensure the proper PPE is utilized while performing services.

- Ensure that all necessary equipment is operating safely including vehicles, trailers, power equipment.

- Participate in Safety Tool-Box presentations – leading by example and sharing experiences with team.

- Actively participates in the Safety Awareness through participation in the Safety Taskforce Committee.

Client Service:

- Actively participate in client/community meetings in support of the OM’s, BDR’s and/or CRM’s.

- Maintain consistent interaction with OM’s, GL’s, BDR’s & CRM’s communicating any pertinent or potential quality concerns, process improvements, budgets and contract renewals so that we can be proactive with service resolutions.

- Participate in follow-up status for Landscape Quality Audits – providing suggestions for quality improvements.


Managerial Responsibilities:

- Manage decision-making that ensures profit and loss of the branch

  • Exercise cost control measures appropriately
  • Utilize labor effectively to meet budgets while ensuring high quality
  • Maximize financial performance and profit above and below the line
  • Engage in budgeting process at year-end and maintain actual performance measured against budgets throughout the year – above and below the line – for the branch


    - Hire, train, develop key staff for the branch

  • Advise and direct staff
  • Assist and guide where needed
  • Foster a “continuous learning and improvement” culture
  • Follow company policies and procedures
  • Enforce labor laws (federal, state and local)
  • Plan workforce needs based on growth and recruit as needed
  • Identify team members who are candidates for promotion and who exhibit the company’s core values.
  • Conduct annual performance reviews.


    - Direct all operational aspects of delivery of services for the branch client-base through OM’s, GL’s, and production Team Leaders.

    - Ensure that disciplinary action is initiated properly when necessary and that documentation is completed correctly and in a timely manner as per standard operating procedures.

    - Participate & Lead in operational strategy meetings, targeted towards continuous improvement of the branch.

    - Train team members on the industry landscape and maintenance best practices.

    - Provides constructive feedback to team members in order for ongoing continuous improvement.

    - Representing the company, interfacing and building relationships with owners, clients and sub-contractor / suppliers.

    - Managing all branch operations and team members, tool/equipment purchases, inclusive of planning, scheduling and review of meeting company metrics.

    - Ensuring that all jobs are completed according to plans, are within budget and according to deadlines

    - Communicating and reviewing company goals with branch operations team members.

    - Coordinate with Director of Fleet & Facilities on maintenance and repairs of vehicles and equipment

    - Ensure the security and safe operations of the branch

    - Execute the business plan: plan, communicate, delegate, follow-up

    - Provide consistent, open, complete communications to the leadership team on the branch issues, progress and performance



- The proven ability to service, and support all levels within landcape and maintenance operations, including both office and field standard operating procedures.

- Maintains a positive and professional working attitude as well as, the ability to handle highly sensitive clients in an appropriate and professional manner.

- Excellent verbal and written communication skills; excellent organizational skills, accuracy and attention to detail.

- Works well under pressure; ability to handle high-volume, fast-paced, multi-tasking work environment.

- Strong work ethic and belief in personal accountability.

- Proficient with computer software programs including MS Office suite (Word, Excel and Outlook) and company operating systems.

- Prefer Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture, Ag Science, Landscape Management, Plant and Soil Science, Environmental Design, or Landscape Architecture.

- Minimum 5 years managing people, equipment and operations

- Minimum 5 years profit and loss responsibility for a commercial landscape maintenance operation

Posted On: Monday, January 11, 2021
Compensation: $65,000 - $85,000

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