McFarlin Stanford


McFarlin Stanford - Reisterstown, MD

Department: Commercial
Title: Production Manager
Reports To: Project Manager
Job Purpose:
To assist in the planning and execution of Commercial Production Project Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  1. Visit job sites to assess readiness for Landscaping, Hardscaping and/or Irrigation Installation

  2. Converse with Superintendents and Clients before, during and after projects are completed.

  3. Constantly provide feedback to the Project Manager, Purchaser and Vice President throughout the course of the day.

  4. Utilize electronic tools to Live Feed, Document and Track Job sites and Installation Progression.

  5. Write a personal weekly calendar to provide to the Project Manager and Vice President.

  6. Assist in the writing of the daily and monthly production calendar

  7. Attend weekly jobsite meetings with the client and other trades

  8. Attend Bi weekly commercial production meetings (Tues/Thur 3:00pm)

  9. Assist in the installation and managing of projects from start to finish (Layout, Setting

    Grades, Plant Identification and Equipment Operation)

  10. Assess quality, performance and safety of projects.

  11. Converse with Live Green Staff to gain knowledge and understanding the projects

    and their scope of work.

  12. Assist in the procurement of project materials.

  13. Create warranty lists to provide to the Project Manager.

  14. Support the Live Green Production staff as an onsite manager during the snow

    removal efforts.

  15. Continuous Improvement through training and certification

  16. 4-7 crews




Posted On: Wednesday, September 1, 2021
Compensation: $70,000.00

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