Landscape Field Operations Manager - Boston, MA

McFarlin Stanford - Ipswich, MA

Reports To: Account Manager Maintenance

Secondary Reports To: President

Position is responsible for ensuring a seamless process from production of field staff down to quality and job profitability / projects in progress. Effectively represents the company and proactively communicates with our clients to assess their landscape and service needs, and overall client experience.

Manages Maintenance resources, including movement of labor, equipment and materials to ensure maximum use and completion of work within budget, safety guidelines and quality standards. Works closely for the development of field staff and builds on “A” players and develops anyone below that. Constantly seeks and conducts interviews with future team members that meet our Core Values and Vision.


Primary Responsibilities

  1. Ensures the company's Vision & Culture is lived, expressed and trained daily with all crews.

  2. Ensures the company's Core-Values are portrayed and adhered too with all crew staff daily.

  3. Develops and maintains relationships with all crew members as one point of contact.

  4. Ensures development of current staff with A players.

  5. Ensures quality of end product with operations managers (AM) (result driven).

  6. Ensures all crews are versed on SOPs for each aspect of the season.

  7. Ensures they conduct morning schedule review, mid day check in, end of day debriefing of all crews under them. Manager need to be present morning / day end.

  8. Ensures all supervision of team employees keeping AM informed via Aspire of all attendance, uniform and safety violations and or praises.

  9. Ensures the end of day debrief and next day “pre-loads” are complete with all crews under them.

  10. Works hand and hand with AM for all schedules.

  11. Works closely with (AM) job from budgets of time, schedule, cost or any other factor so appropriates adjustments can be made to maximize end result and efficiencies.

  12. Maintain a high level of good housekeeping and care of company assets in the field, vehicles, shop, field offices and on customer worksites.

  13. Ensures all time entry in Aspire is produced by 10am the following day.

  14. Ensuring that all start / end times are correct and approves all PTO times through Aspire.

  15. Stay aware of Best Practices. Develop and recommend improved work methods and standards. Identify and develop Crew Leaders throughout the year.

  16. Snow operations as needed.


Team Responsibilities – Customer Care

  1. Live, Breath and focus on company's Core Values and hold others accountable.

  2. Take part in leadership meetings with the use of EOS Systems.

  3. Work Closely with OM to ensure a seamless transition for client.

  4. Ensure a safe environment for all employees and clients.

  5. Team training weekly, tailgate talks, safety certifications with Greenius.



  1. A winning attitude that is Team Goal Focused!

  2. Exceptional organization skills and flawless follow through.

  3. Ability to juggle tasks and manage workflow and projects in a fast-paced environment.

  4. Knowledge of proper set up and installation practices

  5. Knowledge in techniques for measuring, calculating material i.e. soils, stone.

  6. Three years’ experience in landscape hands on experience.

  7. Knowledge and use of loaders, mowers, excavators and all equipment in the landscape trade.

  8. Proven track record with references with great attendance record.

  9. Great communication and listening skills.

  10. A positive and energetic personality to fit with our growing business and team

  11. Clean, neat and professional appearance. Works well in a team-oriented environment

  12. Optional requirements: Bilingual, MCLP or CLP Licenses






Posted On: Friday, September 11, 2020
Compensation: $50,000 - $65,000

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