Enhancement/Operations Manager - Warner Robins, GA

McFarlin Stanford - Warner Robins, GA

Enhancement Manager & Safety Manager


The enhancement manager is a working manager position that will require manager to have both office and field responsibilities. Manager hours will be based on the time of the year and current work load. Hours vary based on weather, time of year, and other factors. We do work some Saturdays, but try to keep them limited.

Enhancement manager/ safety manager is responsible for the following items, but not limited to just these items.

  • Work with current manager to get the following items done
  • Manage day to day operations of enhancement crews starting at 7 am each day until all crews are back in shop to include:
  • Crew assignments, supervisor assignments, vacations, paperwork, request
  • Team members disciplinary matters- based on company handbook
  • Work with crews to create efficiency in the maintenance area
  • Meet crews onsite to show them new properties- include special notes from customers, property lines
  • Meet crews onsite to do field training, quality control, customer request
  • Creating request for equipment, materials and other items for department
  • Work with crews on man hour budgets
  • Understanding expectations on man hour budget
  • Monitoring crew budgets, equipment repairs, small tools needs
  • Responsible for interviewing and selecting new team member for department
  • Manage customer relations with current and new customers to include the following:
  • Upsell customers on new services that company is offering
  • Quality control inspections on properties each week to make sure the company is providing to quality service to customers
  • Meeting with customers in their yard to help them make decisions, better practices, etc.
  • Handling customer concerns and issues
  • May require onsite visit with crew
  • Responsible for working with other managers to maximize effectiveness of company assets
  • Manager will assist with selling new customers to include lawn maintenance, specialty services, pine straw, mulch, planting, etc.
  • Responsible for making sure all services all billed correctly
  • Responsible for the sourcing and purchasing of materials for enhancement projects.
  • Responsible for working with mechanic to make sure all equipment needs are ready for crews
  • Responsible for job costing all enhancement jobs to make sure company is making proper margins.
  • Responsible for inventory room
  • Extra equipment request
  • Materials on hand inventory
  • Inventory for new jobs
  • Inventory tracking
  • Responsible for monitoring department budget and monitoring key metrics for department.
  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • Equipment Repairs
  • Labor
  • Responsible for monitoring GPS tracking on trucks to make sure crews are not wasting time, using effective routes, not taking long lunches, and stealing time/resources
  • Responsible for routing crews each day and scheduling work load in software program



  • Responsible for weekly safety briefings for weekly meeting
  • Responsible for developing safety materials for employees on different hazards
  • Responsible for signage and any other safety hazards on job sites, trucks, and shop areas
  • Responsible for training employees to notice safety issues with equipment, health, situation awareness
  • Work with training manager to set up safety training for new employees
  • Create safety videos for new employees on all types of equipment
  • Make sure the company stay OSHA compliant
  • Responsible for MSDS sheets, location for trucks, work with turf manager on chemical safety




Posted On: Wednesday, March 24, 2021
Compensation: $50,000 - $60,000

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