Herbicide Application Manager (R.O.W) - Central Mississippi

McFarlin Stanford - Union, MS, MS

Herbicide Application Manager:
(Right of Way, Vegetation Management)

Our partner is seeking a proven Chemical Application professional who would be qualified to head up a new Right of Way Vegetation Management division. This division would provide herbicide applications to vegetation growing near power lines and other similar Right of Way services. The position is a "ground up" undertaking with resources being provided from a well-established Reforestation Firm. Strong sales and management skills are necessary. Appropriate herbicide licenses for multiple states would be required, but can be sponsored.

This is an excellent opportunity for a forestry or chemical application professional to join a reputable firm that specializes in Right of Way services, mostly clearing vegetation by use of herbicide. Starting out this position will be more hands on in-field, but will ultimately evolve into a General Manager position as the company expands.

The ideal candidate will be a person with much more experience in the Actual Right of Way sector, who already has client relationships with power line companies which would afford the ability to go after new business agreements. This person will be responsible for growing our operation, driving sales, and building our contract base.


Salaried position, profit sharing, company vehicle (take home vehicle), Health Insurance and benefits.



Posted On: Friday, September 11, 2020
Compensation: $60,000.00

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