Plating Supervisor

MCM Staffing - Sterling Heights, MI

Second Shift (2pm-10pm) Weekends REQUIRED

Job Summary:

Manage the plating process. Improves/maintains plating operations to provide a safe, healthy working environment; executes weekly maintenance standards in support of production departments: improves/maintains environmental, safety systems in conjunction with Plating Superintendent, executes process control monitoring; works with plant maintenance department (mechanic, electrical) to carry out repairs.

Main duties and responsibilities:

1. Supervise and manage a staff of reports employed in the operation and maintenance of the plating processes, in accordance with the organization’s policies and procedures, and regulatory requirements for a safe working environment.


2. Take a lead role in strategic planning.

3.Ensure an adequate supply and scheduling of manpower, materials, spare parts, and equipment for routine maintenance and major projects.


Posted On: Friday, April 12, 2019
Compensation: 70,000

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