Intuitive Financial Systems Engineer Needed for Successful Law Firm

Mission Recruiting - Los Angeles, CA

Financial Systems Engineer needed for successful, dependable and exciting law firm in the beautiful Los Angeles area.

The perfect candidate will have experience in finances or information systems with exceptional research and support capabilities.

The compensation in exchange for joining this legal team includes: 

  • Strong Benefits Package
  • Highly Competitive Starting Salary
  • Paid Parking 
  • Vacation and PTO

This position is perfect for someone with a passion for numbers and the desire to create systems or procedures that work and support the sole infrastructure of a successful company. 

The team is strong, the culture is inclusive, and the location is highly desirable in the Los Angeles area.


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Job Reference: Financial Systems Engineer - 127185

Posted On: Friday, October 4, 2019
Compensation: Call for Details

Position Contact
Claudia Austin
Executive Recruiter
(949) 485-3270
Irvine, CA
Claudia has 9 years of recruiting experience. 
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