Red Hat Linux Administrator

Mobile Integration Workgroup - Redmond, WA

Mobile Integration Workgroup is looking for a team member that will work in our client’s telecommunication Domain Name Service (DNS) team.

This position is a key role that impacts all of our client’s customers and supports the current system through building and deploying new systems and troubleshoot issues as they arise.In addition to work on the current environment, this team member will be working on the future, advanced cloud-based implementation of DNS.

The successful candidate will have extensive experience with Red Hat Linux as well as TCP/IP network deployment and configuration.Experience with Linux virtualization and implementation of multiple Red Had Linux systems is required.Knowledge of creating the required libraries, dependencies, and files to fully implement and deploy a container is needed.


This position will also require extensive documentation and troubleshooting experience of Red Hat Linux and network systems.This team supports lab testing and production systems.


Deployment in a cloud system and automation of configuration and testing will be part of this role.This is an exciting opportunity to work in the latest technology to support millions of users.


Job Responsibilities

  • Administration of Domain Name Systems for a large number of users
  • Administration and configuration of Red Hat Linux systems
  • Create libraries, dependencies, and files for Linuxcontainers
  • Knowledge of Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) on Red Hat Linux
  • TCP/IP network design and configuration
  • Layer 7 implementation of new systems
  • Evaluate and implement network systems security to meet standards and specifications
  • Knowledge of storage systems
  • Creation of Method of Procedure (deployment) documents
  • Setup and configure DNS servers in a VMWare environment
  • Setup and configure DNS servers in a network cloud environment
  • Create alarms for DNS and network configurations
  • Create extensive and comprehensive documentation for each change made to DNS systems
  • Create automation (through shell scripts)
  • Create advanced automation for DNS setup and operation
  • Create and execute health checks
  • Attend and contribute to team meetings
  • Work with outside teams for configuration and troubleshooting



  • In-depth knowledge of administration of Red Hat Linux
  • Experience with Docker Containers and Kubernetes
  • In-depth knowledge of TCP/IP networking
  • Experience with basic Unix Shell Scripting
  • Extensive experience with network storage systems
  • Experience in monitoring and evaluation of system flows
  • Perform and evaluate health checks on systems
  • Working with a high technical team of engineers with continuously evolving schedules and deadlines
  • terminology
  • Ability to work independently as well as cooperatively with engineering teams is a must
  • Ability to multi-task and manage deadlines; ability to prioritize based on urgency
  • Knowledge of the following tools: Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word



  • Experience with Domain Name Service systems desired
  • Red Had Certification
  • Experience in advanced automation of systems configuration and deployment
  • Telecom Industry Experience at network level
  • Engineering Degree/ Bachelors in network engineering or related field


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