Full Stack Engineer (Data Focused)

NeoHire South - Santa Monica, CA

About the Role

There are three key technical domains that the candidate will be covering:

1. Data Modeling

Well versed in working with data schemas (such as database design). Familiarity with YANG a big plus. Experience with parsers, lexers, compilers, and transpilers a big plus.

- data analytics
- message queues
- data structures
- data formats/encoding
- network protocol design/analysis

2. Integration Automation

Well versed in utilizing testing/validation/simulation frameworks for full stack development.

- mocha/chai/supertest
- selenium
- nightwatch
- profilers

3. Framework Development

Well versed in working with JavaScript for browser and Node.js. Familiarity with coffeescript a big plus. Experience working with C a big plus.

- isomorphic development
- express.js

- react.js
- ORMs
- asynchronous processing

Just to note, our technical coverage on "full stack" goes all the way down to bits and bytes on the network.


Posted On: Friday, October 21, 2016

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