Backend Java Engineer

NeoHire South - Culver City, CA

Backend Engineer

We are seeking a clever, solid, startup-ready Backend Engineer to help build the next generation of social games for a major massive mobile/pc game coming out in 2019.

Our engineering department is a small, focused group of game development professionals. Our intent is to continually strengthen our best-of-class team to tackle a wide array of challenges. Our creative department and executive management have long, significant experience delivering well-reviewed AAA+ titles in the PC and console markets and are bringing that experience into the mobile gaming space.

For our current primary project, experience with Java is required; experience with Jersey, Grizzly and Tyrus are a strong plus.


  • Being smart, dedicated, self-motivated, positive, friendly, and ready to learn and teach
  • Rapidly gathering, understanding, prototyping and creating effective solutions for complex requirements
  • Working effectively and aggressively in a team environment with tight deadlines and baffling challenges
  • Building and maintaining scalable, extremely high-performance API servers
  • Working with leading-edge tools and systems
  • Understanding and being able to troubleshoot, diagnose and analyze complex systems
  • Producing clean, well-documented, well-managed code
  • Interfacing with a diverse, complex team of highly experienced artists, engineers, and designers
  • Operational management and responsibility for million-monthly-user games 

Basic job requirements:

  • Java 7 and 8 experience
  • RESTful API experience
  • Traditional Relational Database experience (e.g. MySQL, MariaDB, AWS Aurora)
  • Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) experience

The ideal candidate also optionally has experience with, knows, or understands:

  • Jersey, Tyrus, and Grizzly
  • AWS, Chef and Vagrant
  • Thrift and Websocket
  • High-performance/distributed key-value stores
  • Fundamental algorithms and data structures (e.g. B-Trees, R-Trees; set theory)
  • Test Driven Development

Work experience requirements:

  • 2-5 years Experience in Console, Casual, or Social Gaming 

Education requirements:

  • College Degree

Posted On: Monday, September 25, 2017

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