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Global Innovation Program Manager

Oak Grove (Oak Grove Search) - New York, NY

Category leader in health insurance and health and wellness devices is hiring a senior level professional to lead their innovation COE and innovation marketing programs. This is an outstanding opportunity for someone who has successfully led innovative development and change in the consumer healthcare space.

We're looking for someone who brings creative ideas, engaging communication and partner development across our entire ecosystem, high-performance branding and marketing, and an operator. As anyone with experience in a role like this knows, the attributes for success are wide-ranging, and a passion for building what doesn't exist today, and becomes a mainstay for improving millions of lives in the future is at the core.

The expansion of our products and services as a result of what our innovation group accomplishes, along with our strong market position, growth, and high customer satisfaction create a runway for continual opportunities to take on new challenges and grow.

If you feel you are an exceptional candidate based on your prior achievements as well as your exceptional abilities, please apply right away!

Please have a background suitable for the role, with over 8 years of progressive experience building and running innovation programs, preferably with some startup background, and a summary of your accomplishments ready for the asking. We will respond to you quickly.


Position Contact
Joe Boyce
Managing Director
Nashville, TN
Retained Executive Search with an eye on Digital Transformation, AI, cloud computing, predictive analytics, and IoT.
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