Business Analyst and Writer

Oak Grove Recruiting - Nashville, TN

Business Analyst and Writer:

Part-Time Internship or entry-level. $15-$25 an hour DOE and Academic Performance.

5-10 hours a week to start. Pay and/or hours increase as desired based on quality of work. Hours worked are flexible - preferably when the sun is up!

Learning and Experience Provided:

  • Knowledge... you’ll be reading and writing about digital business trends from the macro to micro-level, from startups raising capital to global industrials, the impact of AI and other digital tech on the future of business and work, skills gaps, talent shortages, geographic migrations, and more.
  • Exposure – Written content (mostly blogs) authored by you make you stand out to potential employers and build your brand as an expert in the highest demand space over the next 10-15 years.
  • Digital and Social Media - Enhance and optimize direct conversions and an omni-channel content and marketing strategy. (You can “own” our social media presence, SEO, and website content if you’re comfortable, interested, and capable.) Resulting in the ability to show tangible, real-world results for a “serious” B2B firm to show employers. (not a restaurant or festival as most get)

 Example Projects:

  1. Research, analyze and summarize findings from primary research and publicly available data relating to (among others)
    • Workforce trends: supply/demand for hard and soft skills, salaries, talent acquisition/retention, diversity and inclusion, and demands/desires of top talent.
    • Business Transformation: Research, analyze, and present insights on the opportunities and challenges faced by incumbent leaders, industry competitors, and disruptive innovators in given industries and segments.
    • Demographics: Compare the cost of living vs. salaries, which cities are gaining/losing talent, relocation trends and more.
      • Analyze and Segment findings into specific areas that quickly inform and engage an audience of business professionals facing hiring challenges.
      • Develop Insights in collaboration with the company Director. Use internal data, knowledge, and experience to create enhance findings with insightful and actionable takeaways.
      • Produce Contentmost often in the form of articles of 500-1000 words with an emphasis on Data Visualization and graphics.
      • Distribute content to a targeted audience via social, niche groups, and directly
  2. Produce copy (and graphics if capable) for company advertising and direct marketing
  3. Create and Distribute surveys, gather and analyze responses
  4. Perform industry, competitive, and hiring analyses for specific clients
  5. Write, edit, and enhance website copy to improve branding and information quality

*Optional: Enhance/improve the website: Build/rebuild pages, manage analytics and SEO, track and optimize to improve on key metrics such as organic traffic and conversions. Once established milestones are met, the opportunity to take on more robust solutions is available.

Our Ideal Candidate:

-Grad student or 4th year undergrad in a related major (Business, Journalism, Marketing, HR…)

-Outstanding writing skills

-Interest in pursuing a career as a Business Analyst or Marketing Specialist

-Passion for business, technology, and the future of the workforce

-Highly analytical, and a “systems” thinker

-Fast learner

-Ability productively work from home independently

-Excellent verbal communication and listening skills

-Takes initiative and can manage projects from start to finish, learning along the way

-A natural problem-solver who will ask for guidance and answers when necessary

Please apply directly and include any topic related writing samples, projects, or links to personal blogs/websites.

You will be quickly contacted for more information. 

Compensation: $15-$25/hr DOE and Academics

Position Contact
Joe Boyce
Managing Director
Nashville, TN
Retained Executive Search with an eye on Digital Transformation, AI, cloud computing, predictive analytics, and IoT.
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