Senior Salesforce Engineer

Oak Grove Recruiting - Tampa, FL

We're hiring a Senior Engineer to add experience and expertise to our in-house Salesforce product team of 7, consisting of Architects, Engineers, and Admins. Our manager empowers us, encourages us to be vocal, and supports new ideas that challenge the status quo. He’s been here for a long time and our execs and business owners really respect and like working with him, so roadblocks get removed quickly and things can get done.

We’re a global fintech company deeply entrenched with the biggest financial firms, and earning profitable recurring revenue, so we have stability and resources along with high growth as customers demand more speed, reliability, scalability, and security.

The ideal candidate has been developing custom enterprise Salesforce Applications for in-house and customer-facing use for a number of years and has a firm grasp of all of the aspects of Enterprise-scale Salesforce development Currently, sales and service cloud are our focus as we work to become more client-centered and innovative.

Key Skills and Qualifications

* Enterprise-scale Salesforce application development with long-term full cycle project experience. We're looking for someone who has seen long-term evolution in the same place, a history of short-term consulting projects is less desirable

* APEX Code Development Experience

* Knowledge of architecture, administration, and integration methods is a plus

* Knowledge of Java or similar language is nice to have

* A desire to be heard, push for better ways of doing things, and

* The ability to interact and understand the needs and challenges of customers and non-technical business units.

More about the role and what to expect

* You’ll be a subject matter expert on things like programming, vendors, data structures, business lines, and of course our in-house products

* Work with partners to stand up development, testing, and production environments

* Work with the functional Architect to ensure designs satisfy requirements

* Review and extend data models

* Is aware of frameworks – that promote concepts of isolation, extensibility, and extendibility

* Participate in creating solutions that improve system performance, creating test cases and strategies and tuning applications meet performance requirements

* Implement solutions run test plans to improve security and mentor team on security best practices

Employment details.

Of course, right now the position will be fully remote and will be until at least September when we'll revisit the potential to return to our offices.

When (and if) the time comes, you can work in Tampa, Jersey City, or Dallas. We don't have a formal relocation package but we will work with you to cover costs if needed.

Benefits are great as a big company in the financial services and technology world, let me know if you'd like more details.

Pay consists of a base salary and annual bonus. Our pay is competitive and the total package is very attractive.

Please apply and contact Joe Boyce at Oak Grove Recruiting for more information.

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Position Contact
Joe Boyce
Managing Director
Nashville, TN
Retained Executive Search with an eye on Digital Transformation, AI, cloud computing, predictive analytics, and IoT.
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