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Director of Digital Architecture - Fintech

Oak Grove (Oak Grove Search) - Boston, MA

Position and Team Overview:

Our team was created 2 years ago to drive technical innovation for our global transformation program. Our charter is to rethink how we do things, discover new opportunities and build an architecture based on new thinking and entirely new code. Of course, we extend apply our current technology to new use cases or higher benefit, but this team is here to address the big-picture, to design and build the resilient, reliable and scalable architecture that will drive the future.

About The Role:

This is a Director level role with five business analysts and architects reporting to you, and reporting up to the Executive Director. The role has high visibility with key executives, to provide critical information to them while acting as the evangelist for our architecture approach and influencing strategy. Having the leadership skills to remove obstacles, and enhance communication between teams with different priorities, and make tradeoffs and difficult decisions on project priorities and large budget allocations are critical to success. 


  • Become a trusted partner to all stakeholders in developing digital solutions that enable better outcomes for their specific goals and the business as a whole
  • Lead and enhance a culture of responsibility and partnership between business and tech teams
  • Mentor your team of 5 Architects and Business Analysts to make them better at finding new opportunities and cross-product capabilities as they do their daily tasks
  • Develop a scalable process for capturing, translating, and documenting business requirements
  • Set the high-level team priorities and book of work; Develop talent, identify training and development needs.
  • Create and present compelling presentations on solutions to stakeholders


Leadership Attributes

  • You’re adept at turning ideas into concepts and creating actionable plans that can be easily understood and initiated by business and technical teams.
  • You have the integrity and commitment that builds trust and provides a model for others looking to advance their careers and personal lives
  • You have empathy and genuine concern for the success and well-being of your colleagues, particularly your team
  • You work well with people at all levels and across business functions
  • You’re trusted and valued as a partner, mentor, and expert in what you do
  • You set high expectations and provide the resources and support to meet them
  • You’re adept at inspiring teams and garnering the committed support of executives

Knowledge and Experience

  • You have examples of discovering a previously unknown need or opportunity and creating a solution that added value
  • You have experience leading multi-functional teams
  • Experience attracting and developing high potential talent
  • The ability to persuade and compellingly communicate with leaders in various business and technical functions to create an understanding of the needs and challenges of both sides, and agree on solutions and expectations

Additional High-value Experience

  • A basic understanding of the financial services industry, banking, capital markets, financial ops. Familiarity with custodial or buy-side experience is ideal
  • Leadership experience in strategy consulting, or have done strategic consulting work in the financial services industry

Qualified candidates should apply directly for the fastest response.

You can request a meeting by filling out the form at https://www.oakgrovesearch.com. Please include a link to your LinkedIn profile in the Message section.

Note: Unqualified candidates may not be contacted and are encouraged to submit a resume to our general inbox at https://www.oakgrovesearch.com/search-listings

Compensation: $180,000 to $240,000

Position Contact
Joe Boyce
Managing Director
Nashville, TN
Retained Executive Search with an eye on Digital Transformation, AI, cloud computing, predictive analytics, and IoT.
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