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Offor - New Orleans, LA

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  • You are in a mid-level manager to senior executive role
  • You are looking for chief level (c-suite) roles in the social sector
  • You are looking for a CEO position 
  • You are patient and take feedback and suggestions well 
  • You follow up closely with introductions and follow through on commitments


  • You are looking for a career coach or more than the 15-20 minute free consulting call we can provide 
  • You expect executive search firms to find you a job
  • You do not follow up on introductions or commitments 
  • You do not take feedback well
  • You are not willing to invest in yourself or improve yourself


We wish we could speak with everyone who reaches out to us, but like you, we must prioritize and focus.  We will only reach out to you IF we (1) are aware of an opportunity that could be a fit for you, (2) believe an opportunity is likely to be forthcoming within the next 18 months, or (3) think an introduction to someone else in our network would be mutually beneficial. 

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Your answers and the fact that you are completing this form are confidential.

Team Offor 

Posted On: Friday, December 7, 2018

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