Chief Operating Officer

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The COO’s primary role is to drive the Company’s day-to-day operations and achieve revenue and EBITDA goals.

Significant growth opportunities exist for Forces of Nature due to:

  • Unique position as the first manufacturer of FDA Registered and Certified Organic Homeopathic Medicines
  • Fragmented competition / marketplace
  • Multiple channel and product growth opportunities, including:
  • E-Commerce in the U.S. and internationally
  • Natural Product, Conventional, Specialty, and FDM (Food, Drug & Mass Market) retailers, including geographic expansion of existing partners
  • New product launches
  • New channels, such as health practitioners
  • Private Label 


Reporting to the CEO, the COO is the most senior operating executive for the Company and provides strategic support while driving execution of plans/managing all operations. This includes, but not limited to: Sales & Marketing, Operations, Manufacturing, Finance & Accounting and other appropriate functions. The COO will lead the Company to:

  • Drive profitable growth of the business
  • Manage and protect the Company’s assets
  • Identify and act on growth opportunities
  • Manage and continuously improve operating efficiencies
  • Maximize the balance sheet assets and continually improving ROA and ROI
  • Increase enterprise value in accordance with the Company’s strategic objectives

The COO will also perform the following:

  • Manage customer/vendor relationships and develop new business
  • Communicate the Company’s goals, strategies and programs to all employees
  • Manage communication strategies for the Company’s products, value prop, partners, customers, and media.
  • Monitor and implement programs to integrate industry trends and marketing, sales, technology developments
  • Raise the profile and awareness of the Forces of Nature brand and further grow its excellent reputation
  • Develop and implement a new product roadmap
  • Manage all operations, including a production facility in Sonoma, CA
  • Lead/build the team, including hiring someone to manage and grow ecommerce revenue in all channels.


Key Traits

  • Highly analytical, strategic thinker able to broadly examine all of the business “what-ifs”, identify and improve upon inefficiencies, and tactically respond to market changes.
  • Organized, disciplined leader to drive execution of the Company’s business plan.
  • Excellent communicator to ensure that management and the CEO are apprised on an on-going basis of actual or potential strategic partners and the entire FON team.
  • Demonstrated B2C digital marketing success given the Company’s dependence on online sales to drive growth.
  • Collaborative and able to effectively work in an entrepreneurial environment.

Additional detail

Refine the Growth Strategy

The COO will assess and quickly understand the Company’s market, market position, and competitive landscape and growth prospects. S/he will identify competitive advantages, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and then adroitly craft and implement appropriate growth strategies to profitably drive growth. The COO will work with the CEO to identify optimal sales channels, market niches and positioning strategies and roll out effective sales and marketing programs to best position the product to face off in the market profitably; determine optimal promotion programs for the Company and how to best leverage the Company’s resources; initiate strategies to maximize the power, sales, profitability, identity, and loyalty of the Brand.

Instill a Winning Corporate Culture

The COO will instill confidence amongst the Forces of Nature Team and establish a “take the hill” mentality. Functional leaders will feel empowered to initiate action while being cognizant of the impact their actions will have on other departments and the Company overall. Integrity and team trust will be absolutes in FON’s culture and position.

General Management

Maximize the talent of the team. Inspire the team to exceed any predetermined boundaries of their capabilities or responsibilities. The COO will establish a cohesive environment such that the team members and all co-workers will have confidence in each other to perform their tasks at optimal capacity. In turn, the employees will trust and bond with management so that they collectively will run the company in the most efficient, productive and profitable manner possible. The COO will lead by example and engender a motivated, enthusiastic and committed team. Monitor financials.

Execute on the Strategy

As a result of successful accomplishment of the priorities above, the COO will provide his management team and employees with the tools and platform to succeed. The COO will be the point person amongst his/her direct reports to keep them focused on their departmental and corporate priorities to assure effective and successful execution.

Deliver the Results

The COO will lead and manage the growth of the Company to continually achieve its short term and long term financial and revenue goals.


Weekly reports/updates, and a daily dashboard, will be provided to the CEO via email and/or phone/video call. Monthly ecommerce reports will be provided to the CEO. Retail sales reports for the sales team to be provided. Monthly P&L and financial data, and other reports, to be provided as needed.

Posted On: Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Position Contact
Angela Marturano
(313) 449-1340
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