Functional Wellness Expert

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Functional Wellness Expert

Who We Are

Rritual Superfoods Inc ( is a publicly traded consumer health and wellness company focused on the formulation and distribution of premium plant- and mycelium-based products with immunomodulatory and stress-mediating functions. Our aim is to become a leading supplier to the North American market of all-natural, certified organic, plant-based elixirs for modern wellness.

Rritual's natural elixirs are formulated to support physical and mental wellbeing by leveraging unique adaptogenic properties to modulate immunity, improve brain function, mediate stress, and more. Each elixir features a key functional mushroom mycelium and herbal adaptogen, shown to support a specific response in human physiology.

To support our aim, we are building our website and social media presence to be a robust platform for nutrition, wellness, and superfood education. This includes the launch of a content series to help at-home fitness, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, among others.

That’s where you come in.

Who You Are

Rritual is seeking a respected health expert and thought leader, with established online and physical presence, and a proven track record influencing public health through positive messaging. You have a knack for communicating your passion for superfoods and herbs through public facing activities such as engaging social media posts and video content, live speaking events, and guest appearances. Your audience sees you as a trustworthy and reliable source for sound and practicable health advice, with a focus on whole-foods nutrition and holistic wellness.

The Opportunity

Through working together, we will co-create an opportunity to continue building upon your successful personal and professional brand along a likeminded group of individuals with a common goal: bringing thoughtful wellness solutions to people. This is an independent contractor role with required time commitment of ~25 hours per month. Compensation to include a monthly retainer + additional compensation for personal appearances + related travel time and expenses.

v Monthly

  • Review and approve 15 (500 word) blog posts prepared by our content team
  • One long-form original content piece
  • Semi-weekly posts on your social media accounts

v Annually

  • Periodic meetings for video content production with the Rritual team
  • Public appearances as mutually agreed
  • Act as a spokesperson for Rritual on industry panels, interviews, and media engagements

    Minimum Requirements

    v Educational Credentials: MD, DO, ND, RD, DC or CCN with functional medicine background

    v Social/Web Presence: Engaged on Instagram & Twitter (10K+, verified)

Posted On: Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Position Contact
Dr. Matt Marturano
Vice President
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