Director of E-Commerce

Orchid Holistic Search - REMOTE , Nevada, United States


Outlaw, the best little sundries company in the West, is seeking a driven, creative, enthusiastic, hilarious (if you do say so yourself) Director of ecommerce to wrangle our Shopify-based website for rapid growth and intense customer fanaticism (it's true: people love us, they really love us). The Director of ecommerce is responsible for the customer-facing-est part of our business. It all starts here, and, with all our hard work and deliberation, it all continues here.

If you're yearning to roll up your sleeves and get to work, tired of the theory and excited about the practice, as enthusiastic about apps as you are about apostrophes... Get your hands dirty in the cleanest (and wildest) website in the West: The ideal candidate understands that our business is about connecting with our customers, not just selling stuff. We genuinely believe that our products remind people of who they are at their best, which, in turn, helps them be their best on an ongoing basis. Our responsibility is to serve as a sidekick on their already-adventurous life, and the website is the essential point of sidekickery (well, aside from our actual products).



  • Manage all ecommerce via Shopify, orchestrating all aspects of a strategic ecommerce plan. Combine existing sales, marketing, technology, and management expertise to deliver a superior brand and shopping experience, ultimately using all channels and products to drive subscriptions and high repeat-purchase scents.
  • Direct integrated campaigns that will deliver against crucial KPIs (sales, AOV, ROI, conversion, net new customers, etc.)
  • Work cross-functionally with internal teams to launch new products and initiatives focusing on driving acquisition, retention, and loyalty while overseeing analytics and performance. Provide thought leadership, innovation, and process optimization initiatives such as implementing ecommerce software and other industry best practices.
  • Identify new areas of ecommerce opportunity beyond the current brand offering.

Website Experience:

  • Develop and support all DTC strategies for the company, including site navigation, SEO on-page optimization, usability, testing, and analytics.
  • Collaborate with Marketing, Operations, and Sales teams to ensure that the marketing and promotional calendar creates a cohesive, omnichannel shopping experience.


Sales Forecasting and Financial Planning:

  • Work with Controller to build a yearly, monthly, and weekly budget that looks at traffic, conversion, AOV, industry trends, member buying behavior, and ensure accurate reforecasting throughout the fiscal year.
  • Work with the Finance team to build out the P&L model for ecommerce to hit EBIDTA targets aligned with the company's overall strategic financial plan.
  • Track top-line sales and bottom-line profitability for all digital transactions.

Inventory Planning:

  • Collaborate with the CEO and CFO to execute the business plan for ecommerce inventory strategy, including selection, pricing, promotion, product display, product information, on-site search, and inventory.
  • Work closely with in-house operations & purchasing managers on inventory planning to ensure adequate web and store allotments across all channels, balancing transaction costs.

Performance Marketing:

  • Work closely with Marketing to align bottom-of-the-funnel digital tactics with top-of-funnel digital tactics.
  • Optimize SEO, CRM/email marketing, and traffic-driving & retention initiatives, and track results.
  • Work closely with Finance on ROAS model based on member LTCV to align on performance marketing spend.


  • Demonstrate strong business judgment; ability to identify, prioritize, and articulate highest impact initiatives while working in a fast-paced business environment
  • Minimum 5 years of experience working with ecommerce Retailers and channel, experience working with an emerging brand and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry a plus, showing proven growth results for at least one ecommerce brand
  • Strong commercial and ecommerce understanding, including knowledge of platforms such as Shopify and Amazon.
  • Interest and passion in solving new and existing customer problems, developing processes, and discovering new markets and opportunities
  • Willingness to experiment and track results closely, doubling down on effective findings, and scrapping (without remorse or bad feelings) things that aren’t working


Google Analytics & Shopify, Klaviyo, Zoom, Slack, Google Drive, Outlook


You’re a trifecta of cheerleader, taskmaster, and coach (if you've seen Ted Lasso, we're looking for a Ted Lasso type... and if you haven't seen Ted Lasso, it's excellent, and you should watch it). We want to be educated and build a better understanding of every aspect of the business.

Working with Outlaw isn't just a full-time position; it's a Whole Person position. You will find this a hilarious, charming, and brilliant opportunity to craft the world in which you want to live.

You are:

  • Curious and open to test, try and measure anything once
  • Action-Oriented
  • Committed to excellence in the job -- you're continually working over the puzzles of an ideal business because you will have the ability to make the changes you've always been dreaming of.
  • Tenacious and fierce (some might call you relentless) in pursuit of operational excellence
  • Strategic and Detail Oriented; a forest, trees and weeds perspective
  • Growth-oriented; you want to WIN against the most formidable opponent you know: yourself yesterday
  • Metrics Minded: so enthusiastic about KPIs that you'll set up your own dashboards to monitor your success
  • A Problem Solver: find the shortest path from A to 26 (in other words, finding quick ways of solving seemingly unsolvable problems), especially if those paths can be made more efficient through automation. Automation in the hands of a brilliant person? Pure magic


Founded in 2013 by husband and wife team Russ and Danielle Vincent, Outlaw creates evocative sundries that remind people who they are at their best. With scents like leather, whiskey, gunpowder, sagebrush, and campfire, our natural products are unlike anything else on the market. Bootstrapped until recently, Outlaw is a scrappy band of rabble-rousers who value efficiency and action.

We believe that scents can change lives.

We believe diverse teams have the best ideas.

We believe that working smarter is not better than working harder… we have to work smarter and harder. Because it’s fun.

We believe people should achieve self-actualization from work – that nothing is “just a job.”

We believe our humanity makes us better at our job, not worse.

We believe as we see the good in everyone, that goodness grows.

We believe in the power of sharing our business as an educational tool to show what it takes to be a good company.



We're kind, open people of integrity, and we expect that from all our employees. We believe that direct, straightforward feedback is essential to a good working relationship. We’re a values-driven organization that walks the talk; check out our Magnificent Seven Values.

Not only do we provide competitive wages, a stellar place to work, and full benefits, we also have paid vacation and sick time, and an excellent charity program so we can all give a little back to the community.

Our website is here:



Posted On: Monday, January 11, 2021

Position Contact
Angela Marturano
(313) 449-1340
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