Sr. Scientist, Computational Biology (Functional Genomics)

Precision Life Sciences - San Francisco, CA

We are seeking an exceptional, highly motivated early-career multidisciplinary data scientist/computational biologist to work in a collaborative environment, partnering closely with our functional genomics and data science groups to design experiments, analyze results, and develop analytic solutions to address underlying biological questions in a high-throughput manner. The successful candidate has broad expertise in the analysis of biological data - e.g. bulk and single-cell transcriptomics, proteomics, methylation, etc - and will use this knowledge to deeply characterize cellular state and responses to therapeutic interventions. The role requires high-level analytical skills and an ability to collaborate and communicate with diverse groups of biomedical scientists to investigate new disease-modifying targets.

  • Work in close collaboration with data science and functional genomics (wet lab) teams to integrate results from functional genomics studies with human genetics data for new target identification/ prioritization.
  • Thoughtful design and reproducible analysis of functional genomic experiments, e.g. single-cell / single-nuclei and bulk transcriptomics, and proteomics data investment in developing scalable informatics platforms integrating high throughput functional genomics screens.
  • Communicate analytical results verbally and in writing to audiences with diverse scientific and business backgrounds.
  • A Ph.D. in a relevant field, including — but not limited to — Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Genomics, Biostatistics, etc, with or without post-doctoral or industry experience.
  • Experience in analyzing data from next-generation sequencing, single-cell sequencing, various modalities of CRISPR technology, ChIP-Seq, ATAC Seq, etc
  • Understanding of statistical approaches for the analysis of high-dimensional data.
  • Deep curiosity about the biology of disease and the development of cellular models such as iPSCs.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively on multiple fast-paced projects in molecular biology and genomics.


Posted On: Monday, November 21, 2022

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