Senior iOS Developer

Prediktive - Latin America, LATAM

We are looking for a Senior iOS Developer based anywhere in Latin America to work on a long term project for one of our clients, an innovative entertainment virtual reality startup based in New York.

This person will assist with the architecture of the initial frameworks for our client's iOS apps and function as a focal point for all aspects of iOS native development. You will help create software products that are cutting edge, easy to use, and that make an appreciated and notable difference in their customers daily lives. There is a strong emphasis on writing highly reliable and maintainable code for the long-run. Our client adds new features regularly, refactor constantly, and rewrite when necessary. They trust their developers and make sure they have the tools they need and resources to continuously learn.

The ideal candidate will have several years of experience writing, publishing (in app stores), and supporting iOS apps that utilize proprietary and public (e.g. AWS) web services. Knowledge of the latest platform-specific visual design principles, the latest API capabilities and frameworks, and app store guidelines is essential.

What You'll Be Doing:

  • iOS Development: Participate in the iOS team building native immersive social live sports SDKs & app platform from scratch. Participate in estimating, planning, and executing projects, features and integrations
  • Innovating: Working on cutting-edge technologies to create never before seen experiences like multi-user video synchronization, 180/360 video interactivity, custom social sports experiences and more.
  • Collaborating: Collaborate closely with the product and business teams to roll out new products, features and services, as well as collecting user feedback and iterating on existing ones
  • Learning: We want you to come in with the skills necessary to do the work. That's a given. What you’ll also be doing though is learning about other aspects of our very complex product. From scaling synchronized live streamed video to building quality VoIP experiences.
  • Building Tools: Efficiency is the name of the game. Being efficient means creating tools and processes that the QA team can use to make life easier without compromising quality. Sounds easy right?
  • Scaling: Today our client is working with several companies internationally and will need to ensure that their platform can scale to meet the needs of dozens more. That means utilizing your experience with solid architecture & design principles to ensure the platform scales well as it grows.
  • Process: You will help guide Agile teams with open communication channels, regular releases, and a focus on continuous improvement, ensuring that everyone in the teams follow all agreed processes, standards and designs

Preferred Qualifications:

  • 5+ years of experience developing iOS Applications and Libraries
  • Must be a main developer of at least one published mobile apps and have hands-on experience on every step of mobile development from conception to publish
  • Experience with Apple Approval & Distribution Process, Ad Hoc & Enterprise Distribution
  • Enthusiastic about all things UIKit, including mastery of custom tables and collections using Auto Layout
  • Knowing how to work with common iOS frameworks, including Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics and Core Text
  • Experience developing with AVFoundation and knowledge of how to extend AVPlayer
  • Strong understanding of MVC and other common design patterns
  • Solid experience with HTTP and secure client/server communication
  • Hands-on work experience developing and maintaining a large-scale production application
  • Proficiency in unit and integration testing
  • Passion for User-facing Products and/or Sports
  • Experience working on distributed multi-user services like chat and VoIP
  • Able to make the right tradeoffs to achieve business value. Avoids extremes of over-architecting or hacking last-minute solutions.
  • Designed/architected iOS apps to perform at scale
  • Able to implement best practices across the mobile development organization
  • Knowledge on how to integrate with social media platforms

What Would Be Cool:

  • You have experience working with video streaming
  • You've built apps that involve real-time communications
  • You've had experience with dependency management using Carthage, CocoaPods, and/or Swift Package Manager
  • You've got experience with SceneKit and Sprite Kit
  • You've got experience getting down and dirty with video streaming
  • Experience with Javascript frameworks such as React.js, Angular.js, etc.
  • Your personal Github page is full of cool projects you wanna share with us
  • You've had experience with Android or other platforms
  • You’ve got a strong sense of personal drive and when tasked to solve something tricky will move forward at full force

Posted On: Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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