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In-House Relationship Manager

Victor Bravo - Joppa, MD

In-House Relationship Manager

Position Description:

You will be involved in the relationships that we build with all of our sellers from the initial contact through the contract being placed on the property.

Reports To:

Acquisitions Team Leader

Roles / Responsibilities:

Inbound Lead Generator (Phone Answerer)

- This is the MOST important conversation with the seller

- Need to Build Rapport IMMEDIATLEY

- Answer all incoming sales calls from all different marketing streams.

- Vet the call to see if it is a lead

- Fill out the initial lead sheet and collect all property and personal information

- Fill out the personality sheet (BSD) for the caller to identify as much about the personal situation as possible. Build Rapport with the seller

- Establish Commonalities

- Understand their backstory

- Find Motivations

- Record all data into REI Blackbook for every lead


- Fully explain to them what our company is about, our backstory and core values.

- Fully explain to them what our process is

- Set up the walkthrough for the property.

- Full initial comments on all incoming leads and put package together

- Explain our company, how we work and what we can do for the seller

- Categorize all incoming phone calls to the appropriate category (Wholesaler, Cash Buyer, Lender, Seller, etc)

- DUTY – This position will need to be available to take the sales phone home with them at least 1 night per week and 1 weekend a month. Their responsibility will be to answer all incoming calls on the sales lines during this time (Between 8 am-9pm)

Outbound Lead Generator (Cold Caller) - We have about 30k numbers in our MOJO system that are ready to be called. Cold Calling is an integral part of our system. 

We need someone that can call at EVERY level of the sales system.

- Dial out through MOJO to make initial contact with prospective sellers

- Build relationships with them

- Understand their situation

- Build Rapport

- Establish Commonalities

- Determine their need

- Listen to them

- Set an appointment for a walk through

- Convert them into a lead

- Update the systems appropriately.

- Change numbers and track numbers when they are no good

- Take copious notes during EVERY phone call

- Set up call recording on the main Cold Call Line

- Look at the property information The second that someone picks up the phone. Have SDAT open. Have Googlemaps open.

- Use MOJO to look at as much of the information as possible before you launch into your pitch.

- Sort and organize the categories of leads.

- Know WHAT list you are calling before you begin/ OO, Non OO, Estate, Upside Down / Misc

- Track incoming calls and respond to them ASAP. Be able to pull up the persons information as they are calling in so that you know who is calling and can respond appropriately to them.

- Track incoming Text message responses so that as people are responding back, there is no delay, and an immediate conversation ensues.

- All calls will be made out on the office line so that we can jump on the conversation whenever needed.

- Be sure to determine if they have any other properties that they are looking to sell.

- The Cold Callers will be tracked based on their metrics inside of MOJO, to include total calls placed, total people spoke to, total leads developed and total walk throughs set.


Follow Up / Follow Through (Long Term – Deal Closer)

1 – Follow up / Follow Through – this position will be responsible for continually keeping in contact with “their” leads. For the next year, it would entail them taking many of the leads off of Mikes, Aaron and my plate. The goal would be to track the leads through REIBB and the long term follow up system.

- Coordinate with the research team to ensure any updated research has happened.

- Call these leads to stay in touch with them to see how we may be able to assist them

- Keep in constant contact with these leads to keep the Victor Bravo name in front of them.

- Get creative on ways to get to get them to the signing table

- Understand the dynamics of their property and formulate the best possible offer on the property. 

- Take Notes Inside the system

- Enact Workflows.

- Understand what the different workflows do.

- After the initial sales call these will be the heavy hitters that will continue to build the relationships with the seller.

- This will be the team that is going to follow up on the leads for the next 5 years

- Take an original lead that has positively confirmed contact info and call them to make an offer

2 – Targeting – We have thousands of returned postcards that have been sent back to us for numerous reasons. Vacant / Deceased / Changed address / No receptacle, etc. We need someone who will be able to do the following.

- Grab a post card, determine who the responsible person is for that property.

- Track that person down and establish contact with them.

- Establish Commonalities

- Build Rapport

- Understand Their Situation

- Determine how we can help them out

- Set an appointment

- Take notes inside of our system

- Enact Workflows.

- Understand what the different workflows do.


Accountabilities – You will provide your metrics to the Team Leader or the Leads Manager First thing every Tuesday Morning to have them prepped for the L10 Meeting.


  1. Outbound
    1. Calls Made
    2. Contacts Made
    3. Leads Converted
    4. Appointments Set
  2. Inbound
  3. FU/FT


- Attention to Detail / Detail oriented / Follow Up / Follow Through Skills / Take ownership of your position / Tech Savvy / REIBB knowledge / MOJO Knowledge / Deal Machine Knowledge / Communication skills /

 Training Required:

 Desired Personality Type: (KOLBE, Strength Finders, Disc)

 Processes Involved With:

All processes involving the prospect / lead lifecycle.

Continual Training Required:

 Pay Type: (Salary, Hourly, Commission, Bonus)


Benefits Package

Education Opportunity / Investment Opportunity

Future Potential: Health Insurance Offered

Performance Review System

Ninety Day Probationary Period

Ninety Day Review

Semi – Annual Strengths Review

Annual Strengths Review

Immediate Tasks / Open Tasks


Posted On: Friday, August 5, 2022
Compensation: $18.00 per hour

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