Senior Medical Director

Prestige Scientific - San Diego, CA

What if a company could figure out a way to take a semi-productive asset to help a larger population? Let’s look at a patient population of 1000, but of that 1000 only 200 see any sort of efficacy. What if there was a company that pushed that number well above 200?

Transforming failed drugs into precision medicines. Our partners technology excels in late-stage clinical drugs that have completed trials with unsatisfactory efficacy.

Our global partner provides a novel biomarker solution to personalize drug development. Their platform can enable drug developers to design new clinical trials in smaller and targeted patient populations at lower cost than the previous studies, providing a personalized medicine approach.

With the potential of 6 blockbuster drugs already in current trials…they are not stopping there. Within a short time, our partner will have 10 extremely promising drugs in their pipeline!

For more information contact: Shawn Friend - 508.469.1112 - 

Posted On: Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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