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Sr. IT Risk Specialist

Qualigence, Inc. (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco) - San Francisco, CA

We need you, a Senior Risk Specialist who will be responsible for participating in and leading various financial resilience related supervisory activities in the Large and Foreign Banking Organizations (LFBO) supervision program. Your primary focus includes assessing risk management related to credit exposure, capital planning, liquidity and funding, and derivatives and trading activities at SVB Financial Group and Silicon Valley Bank. You will also focus on participating in supervisory activities across the FRS including horizontal (cross-firm) reviews as part of the Horizontal Capital and Liquidity Reviews.

Highlights of Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate and contribute to formulating, building consensus around, and executing LFBO supervisory activities.
  • Develop understanding of supervisory expectations and horizontal range of LFBOs’ financial resilience practices, including key strengths and weaknesses and potential policy implications.
  • Engage regularly with colleagues in Supervision and in other business areas, as well as at the Board of Governors and other Reserve Banks on a range of open supervisory and policy issues to identify the best way forward.
  • Develop and maintain effective communication and relationships with Federal Reserve and other agency staff involved in supervision of LFBOs’ financial resilience areas.
  • Demonstrate subject matter expertise on financial resilience topics.

Posted On: Monday, August 1, 2022

Position Contact
Melissa McLean
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