Senior Software Engineer - Backend

Datacoral - San Francisco, CA

Senior Software Engineer - Backend
San Francisco, CA

  • Get in early on building the first truly cloud-native data infrastructure stack
  • Opportunity to make a large impact on product, company, and customers
  • Work closely with a founding team that’s driven massive scale at Facebook, Groupon, and more

Datacoral, founded in 2016 by some of the “data brains behind the rise of Facebook”, eliminates the complexity and cognitive load of building data infrastructure. In just minutes we deploy a fully-managed stack to collect data from any source, automatically organize that data in any query engine, and leverage that data for insights and publishing.

The Role:
As a Backend Engineer you will build out the APIs needed for our front end by leveraging the rich systems metadata captured by the Datacoral platform. We’re a modern, full-stack javascript environment leveraging the best in AWS serverless computing. You will work with distributed systems engineers and front end engineers to optimize how the firehose of systems data and audit logs are captured, organized and queried to provide efficient APIs for our front end and tools.

At Datacoral, you will:

  • Be part of the early team making a significant contribution to both product and company
  • Design and build robust, scalable REST APIs
  • Work on schema design for NoSQL and SQL databases
  • Improve code quality through writing unit tests, automation, and participating in code reviews
  • Brainstorm and contribute ideas to our technology, algorithms, and products
  • Work with product, design, and customer-success teams to understand end-user requirements
  • Dive into difficult technical problems and successfully deliver results on schedule

And we’re ideally looking for:

  • Strong engineering skills in any language
  • Commercial experience building well-designed REST APIs
  • An understanding of the different types of data and their workloads: how best to organize data, and what different query engines bring to the table
  • Familiarity with data technologies like OLTP/OLAP, SQL/noSQL, streaming/batch systems
  • Experience working on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud
  • Bonus points for: Experience with node.JS, fullstack javascript, and/or serverless computing (e.g. AWS Lambda)

At Datacoral, you’ll work closely with a founding team has built and run successful distributed systems at scale - including scaling Facebook’s managed storage infrastructure from 50TB to 100PB+, the systems at Groupon used to send millions of emails a day.

You’ll be part of an exciting high-growth startup that’s building the first serverless-native data infrastructure stack in the cloud, and will fundamentally change how companies work with their data. See why our investment partners are equally excited at

Posted On: Monday, April 1, 2019

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