Lead Software Engineer

Lighter Capital - Seattle, WA

Traditional business lending institutions still rely on highly paper-based processes. They are simply not tooled to be able to underwrite or service loans to startups. Lighter Capital is able to because our internal processes are supported by high-tech custom built software. This is where you will be adding value to Lighter Capital.

We are looking to add a Lead Software Engineer to our Tech and Data team. As our Lead Software Engineer you are passionate about, and skilled at building modern Reactive web applications on the Microsoft stack. Lighter Capital still has a “startup” feel but we are maturing quickly and you will be joining at the perfect time to make a massive impact.


  • You yearn to work on projects that makes a difference and impacts the organization.
  • You have approached “craftspersonship” level and want to work in an environment where that actually matters.
  • You thrive in an environment where you self-manage your work, projects, and time. Work:life balance isn’t just a platitude, at Lighter Capital we expect you to manage your hours and achieve your goals.
  • You prefer small teams of people who are smart with a get er’ done attitude.


  • You are a capable leader of software engineers. You know how to motivate through support and inspiration.
  • You will bring to the team a wealth and breadth of experiences and be capable of lending that experience to the team when faced with complex and critical architectural choices.
  • You will be a technology mentor that other engineers will come to for technology advice and to get “unstuck”.
  • You will be responsible for the performance and output of a team of engineers (yourself + 2-3 others). You will lead them by offering support, removing obstacles and roadblocks, and resolving task prioritisation conflicts, etc.
  • You will understand how to motivate people to exceed through positive measures and understand that Drive = Purpose + Autonomy + Mastery


  • You are capable of independently planning, developing, launching and supporting a high-user critical multi-user web application from scratch (File/New Solution)
  • Technical Debt is afraid of you, you refactor like a boss. The more complex and confounding the spaghetti code is the more excited you are to fix it.
  • You are a full-stack developer. Your proficiency lies more in the front-end than the backend. We will test you on your HTML/CSS/Javascript ability and expect you can teach us some tricks.
  • You have solid commercial experience managing teams in an Agile environment.
  • You are proficient with high scale relational database design, but also know where an object/document database makes more sense.
  • You’ve spent enough time doing TDD that it’s affected your coding style. You love patterns and modularisation. In fact, if you were faced with a project that didn’t involve automated tests you would have serious reservations.
  • Capable of making critical architectural choices in the advancement of a very complex web of interrelated web applications.
  • Ability to say what you’ll do and then do what you say.


We are Lighter Capital, a Seattle based FinTech company with a clear mission to revolutionize startup financing by empowering entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and retain ownership.

We are a passionate group of individuals were our mission and values guide our decision making. We believe in individual and team development, and align, push and measure ourselves through goal setting. Join our team and feel part of something incredible!

Just like each customer is unique, so is each person, and Lighter Capital is committed to creating an environment where everyone can belong and thrive. We encourage all qualified persons to apply.

Posted On: Wednesday, May 1, 2019

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