Bioinformatics Scientist

Nautilus Biotechnology - Menlo Park, CA

As a Bioinformatics Scientist you will develop methods and software tools to help the experimentalists asses their data. You will handle everything from various analytical requests to the inclusion of pipeline features.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Support experimentalists in curation and analysis of data.

  • Simplify the results in a way that is meaningful to the scientists.

  • Demonstrate a broad knowledge of data analysis methods.

  • Document technical work as part of the product development process.

  • Work closely with software engineering to build a robust data pipeline.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in bioinformatics or a technically related course of study and 5 years of related experience, or Master's degree and 3 years of related experience, or Ph.D. and 1 year of related experience.

  • Demonstrated an ability to communicate the needs and outcomes of analytical design to experimentalists.

  • Knowledge of: probability distributions, classical hypothesis testing, regression. Bayesian concepts: conditional probabilities, priors, posteriors, maximum likelihood estimators. Ability to correctly apply probability theory/statistics across multiple domains with little or no guidance.

  • Machine Learning: working knowledge of techniques around classification, regression, clustering; Basic understanding of deep learning approaches to categories of machine learning problems.

  • Algorithms: Fundamental data types (stacks, queues, etc.); Sorting algorithms (quicksort, mergesort, etc.).

  • Strong communication skills and collaborative nature.

  • Proficiency with programming/scripting languages such as Python.

  • Prefer working knowledge of proteomics, would consider knowledge of genomics, genetics, molecular biology, or sequencing.

Posted On: Tuesday, October 8, 2019

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