Client Engagement Manager (On-Site Recruiter at Client Facility)

Remedy Intelligent Staffing - Newark, NY

Vision and Culture


Remedy Intelligent Staffing offers a culture of collaborative teamwork by creating a workplace that allows our colleagues to be client centric, compassionate, and entrepreneurial.Our vision is to foster growth by becoming the most trusted and valued staffing provider in every market we serve through a high-involvement culture of engaged, empowered, and efficient colleagues.We achieve our goals and live our vision through our values and behaviors including providing extra mile service, open communication, professionalism, and doing what is best for our clients, colleagues, and associates.


Duties and Responsibilities


The Client Engagement Manager works on-site at an assigned client location and is responsible for building a relationship with the client by developing an understanding of the business needs.Duties include, but are not limited to:


  • Communicating daily with the client supervisory team, the branch, and the associates on assignment
  • Coordinating daily staffing levels
  • Actively seeking feedback from associates, supervisors, and other client contacts to foster a high level of employee engagement
  • Responsible for checking in and maintaining the appropriate level of staff to make sure all production lines are running efficiently
  • Coordinating the placement of candidates
  • Conducting onsite orientations
  • Meeting with the customer on a regular basis to monitor and determine employee performance
  • Addressing and resolving any performance concerns
  • Maintaining and updating employee database and time clock
  • Preparing and processing employee payroll
  • Tracking and reporting as requested by manager and/or client
  • Monitoring safety on a daily basis and overseeing safety activities/programs/etc
  • Qualifying prospective candidates through pre-employment screening and conducting interviews
  • Administering employment evaluations via Remedy's online testing system
  • Administrative and clerical tasks as needed including data entry and filing


Essential Functions and Physical Demands


The candidate must be able to perform the following essential functions and meet the following physical demands in order to be successful in this position.Reasonable accommodations can be made in order to meet these requirements, if necessary.Essential functions and physical demands include, but are not limited to, the ability to:


  • Sit at a desk on a computer or stand for long periods of time, possibly for 4-6 hours at a time
  • Type on a computer, read, and write, for hours at a time
  • Speak and listen
  • Travel between the facility and the branch that he or she regularly works out of
  • Walk short distances when on the production floor
  • Climb stairs
  • Lift and/or move objects of up to 10 pounds
  • Use hands and fingers to handle, feel, hold, and carry objects
  • Reach with arms
  • Climb, balance, and stoop
  • Lift and/or move objects of up to 25 pounds

    Work Environment


    The work environment varies, depending on the facility that the Client Engagement Manager is working in.The Client Engagement Manager has a designated workspace on-site because a significant amount of his or her time is spent working in the facility.The majority of Client facilities are involved with manufacturing and production, so successful candidates must be comfortable with working in these types of settings.Most facilities have machinery and equipment that can be extremely loud and dangerous, occasionally requiring the Client Engagement Manager to take necessary safety precautions while working.The temperature of the facility can vary, depending on the types of products that are made and the processes that occur throughout the facility.Some Client Engagement Managers work in office settings as well, and are required to use office equipment, such as a computer, a work cell phone (in some cases), a desk phone, a printer, and other office supplies.




    The successful candidate must be comfortable working in a production/manufacturing environment and will possess the following qualifications:


  • Customer service, account management, and/or business administration experience
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, and high pressure environment
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong computer skills required
  • High level of organizational and time management skills
  • Ability to be self-sufficient in daily tasks, while working as part of a team
  • Prior experience with CRM or database systems preferred

Posted On: Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Position Contact
Natalie Washington
Talent Acquisition Manager
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