Layout Designer Detailer - Mining and Minerals Processing Facilites

Resource Erectors - Milwaukee, WI


  • Attend all sale and engineering kick-off meetings
  • Review new job contracts form sales kick-off meetings
  • Prepare new engineering job(s) files
  • Utilize all applicable past jobs as a base point in starting a new job layout
  • Communicate with sales and/or customers as required
  • Make various calculations (belt, trajectory calculations, etc.) as required
  • Prepare layout drawing(s) utilizing large/shippable weldments and as many multiple views as needed to accurately represent the part
  • Present layout to Senior Project Manager, Sales, and President to check and/or approve
  • Make any changes as indicated from the check layout
  • Prepare customer approval drawings
  • Make any changes to returned approval drawings if required
  • Once approval drawings have been signed, prepare parts sheet and obtain permission to release layout drawing for detailing
  • Prepare weld pad drawing if required
  • Check detailed shop drawings
  • Check assembly drawings, including bolt lists
  • Perform detailer’s duties, if needed
  • Inform supervisor of any schedule or timeline changes
  • Meet project timelines
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Completion of college or trade school in CAD (computer-aided design) or advanced experience using CAD
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience with AutoCAD and Inventor
  • 3-5 years mining industry experience.
  • Professional appearance consistent with company desired image
  • Good computer and math skills
  • Pleasant and cooperative attitude with co-workers

Posted On: Thursday, February 7, 2019
Compensation: $1.00

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