Maintenance Supervisor - Surface Mining and Minerals Processing

Resource Erectors - Eau Claire, WI


To be eligible for this classification, certain skills and abilities are required; a qualified candidate must:

  • Demonstrate dependability and leadership abilities.
  • Set the example in terms of safe work practices, performance, attitude, and work ethic for all other department members to emulate.
  • Demonstrate the ability to lead a crew of other employees in any assignment and complete the work with minimal supervision.
  • Work to maintain the necessary spare parts inventory to ensure minimal downtime in times of equipment failure.
  • Oversee maintenance activities at all terminal sites.
  • Must possess the knowledge to troubleshoot and direct personnel on repairs of mobile equipment.
  • Determine servicing intervals on all plant associated equipment, tracking data to develop expected component life expectancies.
  • Consistently be able to communicate qualified mechanics the scope and function of any fabrication work required for mechanical installations.
  • Consistently perform all assignments/repairs as directed without supervision and instruct others to complete tasks necessary.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of, and teach the advanced principles of rigging for lifting and transporting any piece of plant equipment.
  • Demonstrate the ability to organize mechanical projects and carry the project from design concept through completion with minimal supervision.
  • Maintain proper tooling levels and ensure tooling is maintained within the parameters of the company's safety programs and practices.
  • Continually review, refine and implement all mechanical PM programs.
  • Continually mentor co-workers in mechanical troubleshooting.
  • Promote safe work practices in all conditions and circumstances.
  • Consistently practice good housekeeping principles and reinforce these principles to others.
  • Continually participate in the plant’s safety programs, i.e. volunteer to serve on the Safety Committee, participate in safety projects, present safety huddles for the Maintenance Team.
  • 7+ years related maintenance experience preferred.

Posted On: Thursday, August 9, 2018
Compensation: $1

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