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Desking Manager

Route Networking Group - Boise, ID

Roles & Responsibilities


Client Experience and Sales Process Execution

  • Coordinating with Sales Director and others in strategizing, developing, and implementing systematic ways to “wow” clients - before, during, and after their purchase.
  • Following these processes personally, and leading, coaching, and motivating our Sales Team to fully follow and utilize this process as well - to give our clients an exceptional buying experience, and maximizing business opportunities with each client.


Sales Floor and Desking

  • Sign out every test drive - this ensures you meet every client early in the process
  • Manager check points with Client Advisors, with every client throughout the sales process
  • Desking sales opportunities
  • Finalizing trade values and other deal specifics, including any due bills, etc.
  • Creating the deal in CRM “desking” system
  • Pushing the deal to IDMS and checking for discrepancies
  • Pushing deals to CUDL and Dealertrack systems to send to lenders
  • Communicate with lenders and their buyers, to get the deal approved
  • Complete initial “pencil” and have Client Advisor review with client
  • Help close deal if needed and give completed packet to Finance Manager to sign deal
  • Assisting Sales Team with clients (throughout sales process and follow-up)
  • Help with uncovering and resolving concerns/objections early
  • Appraising trade-in vehicles, completing trade presentation forms, and discussing trade values with clients as needed
  • Coordinating with Finance Manager on “desking” deals
  • Assist with reviewing pricing, financing terms, etc. with Client Advisor as needed
  • Assist Client Advisors with follow-up as needed
  • Assist Sales Team Leadership and individual Client Advisors with ensuring CRM processes are followed every day for every “showroom visit” and for all “unsold current client” follow-up - and assisting with these as much as possible


Sales Team Coaching and Training

  • Support in developing our Sales Team as an elite team of highly skilled professionals. You are not primarily responsible for Sales Team training, but you are responsible for assisting with training, reinforcing, and practicing with the team.
  • Most of your down time (not desking) should be spent with Client Advisors in two areas:

o Constantly proactively coaching, practicing and role-playing with Client Advisors, to help them master their skills and sales process, and elevating our client experience.

o Assisting with follow-up for open deals - especially when financing or other desking aspects were the main concern. Include Client Advisors in these follow-up conversations so they can learn from these interactions.


Finance Backup 

  • Fill in for Finance Manager on days off and vacations, and any time we have more than two clients ready for signing, or as needed.
  • Wrap up deals from the day before and coordinate with Client Advisors to collect stipps.
  • Check for fund delays and handle as needed
  • Turn in checks and cash downs/deposits

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Posted On: Friday, September 2, 2022
Compensation: 70,000 - 100,000

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