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If you’re the high-level relationship builder and sales professional we're looking for, you've probably never given the auto industry a second thought - in fact, now that we mention it, you might be thinking, "not a chance!"

Well, that's what most everyone on this team thought, until they understood who this company is and what they're all about. That negative stigma and stereotype that probably came to mind is exactly what creates such an awesome opportunity for us. They love breaking the mold and standing out, and their clients love the difference, too.

So if that stigma is what comes to mind, we certainly understand. In fact, most of their team had never worked at a dealership prior - including the owner - and most of us felt the same about this industry before. That's a big part of why this actually is different. They have an awesome team coming from many industries, striving to transcend the car dealer stereotype - and they're having a great time doing it. Not much of it feels like a dealership - and you feel that from the second you drive up to their building, or walk in the front doors. Keep reading, and you might just find the opportunity you’re looking for, in an industry you probably never thought you'd consider.



Well, for one they had to give you a reason to consider this. If you’re the all-star sales professional and relationship builder they’re looking for, you’ve got options, and they’re guessing selling used cars wasn’t at the top of your list. Let's be honest, it probably wasn’t even on the list at all (unless you love cars, then it’s probably always been enticing, but you’ve likely avoided the industry because of the negative stigma). Now you’re here, reading this, and starting to think about it. Mission accomplished.

They also want you to be able to focus on relationship building, not just selling. Building your clientele of raving fans takes time and focused effort. If you’re chasing sales just to make ends meet, that can make it tough to focus on the long game of relationship building. They’re confident this will help and keep the focus where it should be.

They’re also confident you’ll earn it and more anyway; and you might just appreciate not feeling like you’re starting over at zero every month. Lots of talented sales professionals want to get into management for higher and more steady pay - but their talents are really in sales and client relationships. This is your opportunity to stay with your strengths, earn the higher and steadier income - and not have to herd the cats.

If you’ve read this far and think this sounds like you, or the work you want to do, but not sure you have the track record they’re looking for, maybe they should still talk. You might not be eligible for this salary level starting out, but you could certainly work that direction.


This is for someone who wants to lead by example, to show the way by actually doing it, so others can see what's possible - and how to get there. This is for you if you’re more of a player than a coach, more of a producer and contributor than a “manager”. You lead by doing, and others follow.

If you want to be a manager, there are other opportunities out there. This is for those that enjoy being in the game, having a direct impact and personal relationships with clients, and want to build a career around these strengths. You may have even been a manager before, but if this sounds more fun, less stressful, and plays to your strengths, this might still be for you!



This is for you if you’ve found your groove in relationship based sales - you love making friends out of customers, serving them so well that they become loyal clients, and building an awesome network of raving fans and advocates. If this is you, and you’re looking for the right company to represent, they may have both just met their match.

If this is for you, you know your natural gifts and talents, and you’re at your best when building awesome client relationships, and finding more and better ways to serve them. You enjoy being a subject matter expert - your clients’ go-to guy or gal - and you love when they call or text for your expertise. You’re thrilled to build an ever expanding network of clients, and it brings you great satisfaction when someone comes to see you for the 3rd or 5th time, or when they pay you the ultimate compliment by referring a friend.



This is a sales position with a $100k salary, so you’d better believe the expectations are high - but they’re quite simple, too. 

To be considered for this salary position, you’ll need to have a 2 - 5+ year verifiable track record of being an exceptional team player, and earning well above this amount in relationship based sales.

If you apply, that’s one of the first things they’ll be looking for and talking about - your track record, your client network, how you made it happen, and why you love doing it. 

They’ll expect to hear how you love your CRM, because there’s no way you could keep track of all your awesome clients without it. So you live and die by your CRM, and put all kinds of notes and details in it, and use it to the fullest. They’ll expect to hear how you don’t just send a template email once a quarter, and maybe on birthdays - you do far more, and get personal with each client. You reach out often and find ways to add value to their life each time you connect. They’re excited to hear all about it!



If you’re this awesome relationship builder, why would you want to work here?

This is a smaller company with more opportunity and fewer constraints; where you get to challenge the status quo, help make decisions, affect change, and have fun. Not to mention, you'll sleep well at night and feel great about the work you do knowing you're creating value and doing some good in the world.

Here’s some other reasons, just to name a few:

• A great team environment/culture without the crazy egos and competitiveness

• A realistic schedule and no travel

• Cars and trucks are a big purchase, and most people are excited about it, so you get to have fun with your clients and guide them through a significant decision.

• Used vehicle sales aren’t affected by the economy as much as other industries

• Bonus - they throw axes with clients, just for fun. And who doesn’t want to throw sharp metal objects??



Again, if you’ve read all this and think it sounds great, but you don’t have the awesome track record, or relationship building experience they’re looking for, maybe they should still talk. Without the track record you wouldn’t be eligible for this salary level starting out, but you could certainly work that direction.

They're not just looking for experience. They're looking for talent, integrity, and work ethic. So regardless of your background, if you're amazing at making friends and building relationships, and if you're a leader, an overachiever, an influencer, and a team player, this could be the right opportunity. If you enjoy sales, but don’t want to stay in the grind of transactional selling, and you know this is what you’ve been looking for, please still apply, but be sure to let us know why you think this is what you want to do, and why you are confident that you will be successful.


Base salary

• $100,000/yr 

Featured benefits

• Medical insurance

• Vision insurance

• Dental insurance


Interested in Applying? Awesome! Email us at with a copy of your resume!


Posted On: Monday, August 29, 2022
Compensation: 100000

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