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This Client’s daily mission is to surprise and delight guests, and to create their best car buying and ownership experience ever. Then, they work for long term relationships with them - to become their go-to “car guys” - based on integrity in communication, high quality work, and over the top awesome service. Their first focus is developing an elite, highly skilled and fully engaged team, with “A” players in every single position, and with everyone completely dedicated to the company vision and values.


Therefore, the Sales Team’s first and highest priority is to become this elite team, in order to provide awesome client experiences and to build strong relationships with them. They accomplish this through the following 5 strategies:


1. Only A-players on the team - develop the players they have, find the ones they need

2. Developing a culture of focus, planning and discipline - to make the most of every minute of the day

3. Like an elite sports team - coaching, training, and practicing every day

4. Developing and refining systems and processes that make success consistent, especially regarding client experience and long term relationship building

5. Focus on building and maintaining relationships and amazing service, more than sales


The Sales Manager is directly responsible for leading these 5 strategies within the Sales Team. You are to lead and direct the daily management of all sales team training and operations in line with these strategies. The Sales Mastery program will be the main way this is carried out with Client Advisors.


You are also responsible for each and every customer’s experience with the sales team, to ensure they have an exceptional experience - starting with their initial inquiry and throughout their relationship with the team.


III. Specific Areas of Responsibility



Full accountability for the Sales Department


• Contributing to Leadership Team weekly L10 Meetings

• Leading Weekly L10 Meetings for Sales Department

• Develop systems and processes for Sales Department

• Manage payroll and other department expenses

• Manage scheduling for meetings, training, and sales/phone/internet coverage


Direct LMA with the following (including quarterly and weekly check-ins)


• All client advisors

• Internet Manager

• Desk Manager



Sales Team Training & Development


Develop the Sales Team into the elite team of highly skilled professionals described in the company mission, with special focus on the following areas:


• New team member onboarding and training

• Mastery Level achievement

• Daily - brief individual one-on-one coaching sessions with each team member - reviewing successes, current and prospective clients, pending or missed deals, CRM tasks, and anything else they need coaching on to succeed

• Daily - coordinate and ensure daily skills practice, role playing, and product study, for each salesperson.

• Weekly - individual meeting - one-on-one, in-depth conversation, training, and accountability with each client advisor

• Weekly - sales team meetings specifically for training, role-playing, goal setting, recognition, and accountability


Customer Experience and Sales Team Operations


Strategizing, developing, and implementing systematic ways to “wow” customers - before, during, and after the sale. Developing this into a thoroughly mapped out and documented plan/process for the sales team to follow - from initial inquiry to 30 days after delivery. Leading, training, and motivating the Sales Team to fully follow and utilize this process, to give customers an exceptional buying experience, and maximizing business opportunities with each client. Evaluating and improving this process continually.


Developing, documenting, and managing sales team organization and processes in each of

these areas:


• Internet Dept processes

      o Inbound lead handling

      o Outbound business development efforts

      o Confirming appointments

      o Out of area purchases

• Sales Team processes

      o Phone/internet lead distribution and walk-in client rotation

      o Sales process

      o Follow up process

      o Long term relationship building process

      o All CRM applications and processes

• Inventory processes

      o New cars ready for the lot

      o Maintaining cars on the lot

            ? Buyer’s guides, price tags, plates, and stickers

            ? Washing, fueling, re-detailing, mechanical and cosmetic issues

? Team and administrative processes

      ? Sales and Internet Team scheduling

      ? Sales and Internet Team payroll reporting

      ? Sales and Internet Team KPI reporting

? Facility and Supplies

      ? Sales Forms - Ensure all forms are professional and appropriate for their use, and ensure they are re-ordered or re-created with ample time to re-supply.

      ? Sales supplies - Manage forms, paper, toner, and merchandising supplies, etc. and keep these organized in proper places

      ? Client accommodations - coffee and drinks, bathroom essentials, and other customer accommodations, etc.


Sales Floor (oversight - not directly managing)

? Unsold client and missed trade follow-up (use CRM next-day-follow up report, etc)

? Coordinating sales team, to ensure that they have at least one Client Advisor ready to

engage guests as they arrive.

? Coordinating Internet Team to ensure engagement within 10 minutes of their inquiry

? Coach the entire Sales Department to stay engaged in productive and proactive

activities that drive results (current client follow up, relationship building with past clients,

referral generation, and knowledge/skill building, etc).

      ? This means there should never be “down time” or wasted time for the sales team

? Ensuring all sales and internet appointments are confirmed

? Ensuring a manager or team lead meets guests before they test drive, or before they

leave if they don’t test drive.

? Ensuring CRM processes are followed every day and for every guest/client

      ? Close all showroom visits in CRM with accurate information and detailed notes

Back up Desk Manager (on days off)

? Back-up desking and finance, whenever needed

      ? Back up DM in appraising trades and completing trade presentation forms

      ? Coordinating with Finance Manager and “desking” deals

          ¦ Reviewing deal packets with salesperson

          ¦ Entering all customers’ info in DM

          ¦ Reviewing/coordinating deals with Finance Manager

      ? Helping close sales as needed and working through any concessions or Due Bills while working as the desk manager.


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Posted On: Friday, April 1, 2022
Compensation: $100,000 - $175,000

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