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Sr. Ruby Developer

Route Networking Group - Boise, ID


Our customer delivers high-fidelity software and design to leading companies in finance, health, and other industries. They solve important and valuable problems in the areas of Product Design & Development, Cloud Operations and Cloud Migration, Security, Business Intelligence, and Health Data Interoperability.

They engage with clients using Scrum-based agile methodology and they like nothing more than the opportunity to demo the latest iteration of the software or design during a sprint review.

Recent projects include applications that: enable better access to insurance information for patients, enable early diagnosis of debilitating medical conditions with unprecedented accuracy, safely transport special needs schoolchildren, keep skiers safe from avalanches, power the #1 snow sports app, and perform sophisticated geo-spatial and demographic data analysis to make important decisions about capital projects.

They prioritize two things: our clients' success and our employees' happiness and professional development.

As a Sr. Ruby Developer, you'll be working with a group of project managers, producers, designers, and other engineers to build great software and sustainable infrastructure on behalf of their clients. You'll be responsible for contributing to the overall technical leadership within your team and the firm as a whole. As a Software Developer, you would join our team of professionals at our Boise, Idaho office location. They are also open to remote employee options if you live in another area of Idaho.

They are currently looking for experienced team members to work on projects using the following:

Primary: git, ruby, rails, bundler

Secondary: linux, ssh, aws

Your Development experience should allow you to address the following:

  • What versions of ruby/rails are you familiar with?

  • Can you talk about a specific problem solving experience?

  • Can you talk about a specific app they've written or worked on?

  • Can you talk about ruby outside of rails?

You should know:

General rails features and when to use them as well as not use them

  • has_many vs has_many_through

  • arel composed finders

  • raw sql in finders

  • counter cache vs not?

  • sti (single table inheritance)

  • state machines

  • default scope

  • concerns vs modules

  • poro (plain old ruby object) vs active record model

  • active record instruments Patterns

  • presenter/decorator/helper objects


How would you test a given feature?

You should join the team if you are:

  • A great communicator and collaborator

  • Quality focused

  • Comfortable with change, as each project presents new challenges and opportunities

  • Achievement oriented

Posted On: Friday, September 13, 2019

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