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Senior Backend/API Developer

Route Networking Group - Boise, ID

This position is intended for someone who is very familiar with developing robust, scalable, performant APIs and all the architecture surrounding them. We will accept a Full Stack engineer if they can prove high proficiency on server side development.


Role Requirements

• Strong understanding of event-driven architecture, Pub/Sub, and/or messaging systems. A single event in our system could have hundreds to thousands of recipients and may have medium to large-sized data requirements associated with it.

• Experience with Docker and serverless applications. Specifically with Cloud Run and Kubernetes.

• Ability to choose appropriate data structures, algorithms, patterns, systems, and architectures.

• Has built and/or maintained enterprise level applications with NodeJS and Typescript.

• Experience with an ORM, Prisma or TypeORM as strong plus

• Working knowledge of shell/bash scripting.

• Strong understanding of REST principles, the REST maturity model, and HTTP protocols.

• Ability to manage and configure infrastructure, load balancers, and servers.

• Data modeling and database design for SQL and NoSQL as well as debugging and tuning database queries and operations in SQL and NoSQL databases.


Minimum Required Proficiency Levels (0 – 10)

• Typescript/Javascript: 9

• We will ask very strong typescript specific questions and this is our primary requirement for this position.

• Understanding of complex process flows: 9

• Data modeling and Database design: 7

• Restful API development: 8

• Pub/Sub or Event Based Messages Systems: 7

• ETL process development: 6

• Cloud Architecture Development: 5

• Familiarity with Frontend Development: 2


Bonus Points

• Worked with a Product Catalog (PIM) or Ecommerce Platform previously

• Familiarity with payment processing procedures

• Understands and/or has implemented business analytics on a high level.


Interested in Applying? Awesome! Email us at with a copy of your resume!


Posted On: Monday, February 6, 2023
Compensation: $125,000.00 - $165,000.00

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