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Provide and/or coordinate estimating services on all work and types of projects.



This position reports directly to the Director in charge.



1. Knowledge of the plans and specifications.

  • The ability to understand all construction plans; site, erosion control, landscaping, architectural, mechanical, and electrical, low voltage, LD, access control special systems.
  • Prior to bid dates, facilitate and troubleshoot issues associated with coordinating and developing commercial construction projects.
  • The understanding of the scope of work required for the project (new construction, demolition, and site or landscaping only).
  • Understanding job specifications per plans or scope letters to be determined by the subcontractor, suppliers, and possibly required contractors per job specifications.
  • Be aware of the completion date due to lead time for materials, weather conditions, demographic area of project, needed permits, plan reviews, an/or contractor’s workload or manpower. 

2. Manage a good relationship with all team members.

  • Have good clear understanding with the marketing/business development department, public works, open bid (as to when the bid is expected, is it a hard bid, a budget, construction management, general manager, or a negotiated project).
  • Understand the importance of a good subcontractor’s database for accurate and competitive bids.
  • Must be aware as to size and type of construction, as to what subcontractor database is needed to collect bids that will best fit the project and also give the best value.
  • The ability to work with the administrative assistant for good plan distribution, invitations, changes to bid dates, RFI’s, and addendums. Also for bid-day proposal distribution and follow-up with subcontractors as needed.
  • Work with Project managers for a smooth hand off on all awarded projects, in reference to bid books, plans, and all correspondence related to the project.

3. Bid Day Accuracy.

  • Prepare excel bid form with all subcontractor pricing with low bids and misc. costs. Review all subcontractor inclusions and exclusions and include all additional costs, if subcontractor’s bids are incomplete. Update the spreadsheet templates with market variables as they occur.
  • Make sure there are a minimum of three subcontractors in all areas of work scope to ensure good pricing and verifying needed scope.
  • When reviewing subcontractor’s pricing, make sure there are no overlaps of work scopes or incomplete work scope.
  • Have bid finalized in a timely manner, set bid date and bid time for review with management with adequate time remaining to submit bid deliverables.
  • Prepare a scope letter if needed as to all inclusions, exclusions, bid amounts, alternates (if applicable) and list all plan dates, list addendums with dates if applicable. Fill out bid proposal if it is part of the bid package or part of instructions to bidders with job related information listed above.
  • Communicate with architect, owner, or design team with questions, RFI’s, and/or errors in drawings to rectify solutions. Send all pending issues needed to be clarified to all bidders through faxes, email, or isqft online with all necessary documentation issued by the owner, send updated drawings, RFI’s, or bid date changes to all prospective bidders.
  • Is aware of all required insurances, order the bond if needed and builders risk as required for a complete bid.
  • After final bid reviews with the management, a ten key tape is required for a final double-check to ensure the spreadsheet is calculating accurately prior to submitting to the owner. 

4. Market and technological changes as they occur in the industry.

  • Update bid form spreadsheets, concrete templates, general conditions, and all data base prices as needed.
  • Review the industry publications weekly for upcoming projects that best fit the company and the marketing/business development department at the current time.
  • Update budget spreadsheet with the current cost in market trends (S.F., L.F., C.Y., Ea. LS) as related to prior bid results and time of the year or work load.
  • Update historical pricing.

5. Be aware of your surroundings.

  • Have a working list of all subcontractors who are best equipped for this project (size, location, type) and also who will give competitive bids.
  • Know all products required to complete a bid scope as listed in specifications and drawings.
  • Require all subcontractors to qualify that they are using all specifications. If products do not meet requirements a substitution request for it is needed to change and can only be used if approved by the owner and/or architect.
  • Need to have an understanding as to what suppliers are required for the inclusions in the documents (elevators, joist and deck, lumber, fireplaces, appliances, cabinets, owner supplied contractor installed, etc.) and also be aware that some suppliers will install.
  • Recognize your client or proposed owner for the possible cost savings, value engineering, or possibly past history building practices in relationship to a current bid job as it may result in a cost savings if it should occur.
  • Be conscious that subcontractors are aware of current projects in place and prospective contractors will feel unfair business practices if you always have the same contractors on projects. We need to make sure all qualified subcontractors have an opportunity to bid on all projects unless we are in a design build and at that time, management will decide the working subcontractor to be a part of the team.



  • Educational and experience requirements include:
  • 4-year engineering degree or equivalent combinations technical training and/or related experience.
  • 3 years estimating, cost control, and/or engineering experience (at least 2 years estimating experience) in similar facility construction.
  • Thorough knowledge of company procedures, estimating techniques, all engineering disciplines, cost control systems and accounts required.
  • Ability to estimate all types of projects/contracts, plus ability to coordinate and supervise group work effort essential.
  • Must have the ability to prepare complex proposals with minimum of supervision.
  • Incumbent has profit/loss responsibility to the company.
  • (FLSA – Exempt).

Email with a copy of your resume and a brief description of your interest in the position.

Posted On: Wednesday, August 18, 2021
Compensation: 80,000 - 125,000

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