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Youth Director

First Church - Wheatfield, IN

Position: Youth Director

Church: First Church

Location Wheatfield/Hebron, Indiana

Multisite - Two Campuses

Attendance: 1400 in person attenders


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 First Church is a dynamic multigenerational church where young and old partner and participate together in all aspects of serving and leading.

For many years First Church was focused on reaching future generations but was struggling. In 2014, because of the great foundation laid by the leaders of the church, John Hill came on as Senior Pastor and the church began to gain momentum. After many conversations, prayer, and dreaming together the church fully committed to a contemporary worship style, a casual atmosphere, and eventually a new building while still being very gospel-centered. First Church now has two campuses and engaging ministry at all levels. The majority of the growth has come from unchurched people. The biggest catalyst for the growth has been the empowerment of church members to lead others to Christ. In 2020, Outreach 100 recognized First Church as one of the fastest growing churches in the US.

 The First Church team is passionate and laser focused on the mission:

Generation after Generation becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

The two campuses of First Church are located about 20 minutes apart. Both campuses are located in what many describe as perfect locations. The towns of Wheatfield and Hebron are small and relational, where people know their neighbors and feel safe. A 30-minute drive from Wheatfield or Hebron will take you to the midsize cities of Crown Point or Valparaiso, and just over an hour away is Chicago.


Generation After Generation Becoming Fully Devoted Followers of Jesus.

Wild Success is: Thriving Youth Ministry, Excellent Generational Transitions and On-ramps, Heart for our House

  1. Thriving Youth Ministry looks like:
    • 15% of weekend attendance is youth.
    • 15% of weekend attendance are students at Tuesday and Wednesday night gatherings
    • 20% of students attending Tuesday and Wednesday night professing Christ annually
    • 33% of students participating in summer trips
    • Students who beg parents to come back to church
    • Vision focused passionate volunteers who are empowered and engaged with students
    • Varsity and JV Leadership Teams are lifted up and discipled
    • Upwards basketball a healthy pipeline of new students with over 500 students participating

  2. Excellent Generational Transitions and Onramps look like:
    • Students involved in teaching younger kids
    • Students volunteering in every area on Sunday
    • 75% of students (who have professed faith in Christ) continuing to follow Christ at a local church two years after graduation
    • Students passionate about First Church’s vision and mission
    • Kick Start Class organized and effective (14% of church attendance total per year)
    • Absentee and first time phone calls excellent and effective

  3. Heart for our house looks like:
    • Support and submission to the Senior Pastor and Leadership Team
    • Joyful willingness to serve Jesus in any capacity that is asked
    • Respect and honor for those above beside and below
    • Actively working to build the reputation of church and co-workers and leaders.
    • Disagreements handled biblically
    • Teach on Sundays on mission 2-3 times a year

“If I gave everything I have to the poor and even sacrificed my body, I could boast about it; but if I didn’t love others, I would have gained nothing.” (1 Cor. 13:3)



  Mature Christian adhering to the reformed, evangelical faith.


Unrelenting passion for leading students to faith and equipping them with biblically based tools for life.


Motivation for this role is more important than a specific credentials.


A self-motivated person with a healthy amount of drive with a willingness to be invested in the life of the community.


Embrace the First Church staff core values of;

  •  This matters because eternity matters (The great commission)
  • Warrior Spirit
  • We set the table for life change (Because the Holy Spirit leads us to change lives)
  • The team comes first (The mark of a Christian is our love for one another)
  • We will always make it better (Whatever we do work at it with all our heart)
  • We believe our biggest perk is our people (whatever we do whether in word or in deed…)
  • Use good judgment
  •  Seek God First

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Posted On: Thursday, July 22, 2021

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