Rukes Group


Rukes Group (Wellsburg Reformed Church) - Wellsburg, IA

Church: Wellsburg Reformed Church

Location: Wellsburg, IA

Church Attendance: 88

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About The Church:

Wellsburg Reformed Church was established in 1897 by immigrants from Germany (Ostfriesland). While the faces have changed, the mission remains: to bring GLORY to the Lord, share the GOSPEL, and GROW the grace and knowledge of the Lord. The Wellsburg Reformed Church lives into that mission as people devoted to the health and strength of both their church and community.The ministry of the church is anchored in its Sunday services which provide regular opportunities for worship, biblical instruction, service, and fellowship. That weekly practice is supplemented by a host of other ministries, including “Fusion” a dynamic mid-week program for children and teens. The ministry of the congregation is supported by an expansive parsonage, functional facility, the city park (which borders the property), a historic cemetery, and more than adequate financial resources. The congregation is affiliated with the Alliance of Reformed Churches. 


About This Role:

The Wellsburg Reformed Church has begun a search for a Pastor to walk alongside them as they live out their three-dimensional mission of bringing glory to the Lord, sharing the Gospel, and growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.

Personal Qualifications—The Pastor will:

  1. Be able to give testimony to his love for the Lord and call to pastoral ministry.
  2. Be able to create and sustain positive relationships with people in both the church and community.
  3. Cultivate a dynamic relationship with the Lord through the practice of spiritual disciplines.
  4. Be an emotionally healthy person graced with humility and wisdom.

Professional Competencies—The Pastor will be:

  1. A gifted communicator, able to craft and deliver biblical sermons that effectively speak to both new and maturing Christians.
  2. A gifted coach, able to walk alongside Elders, Deacons and Ministry Leaders towards the development and delivery of effective strategies by which the congregation lives out its mission.
  3. A gifted liturgist who enjoys planning and leading worship services.
  4. A gifted pastor whose love for the congregation and desire for its spiritual well-being prompts him to provide spiritual direction and pastoral care to those in need.

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Preaching/Teaching—the Pastor is responsible for the bulk of the preaching and will do so in a manner that is both biblical and relevant. He will also have opportunities to teach the youth.
  2. Worship—the Pastor is responsible for the planning and delivery of engaging, life-transforming worship services.
  3. Leadership/Management—the Pastor will serve as the spiritual and organizational leader of the congregation partnering with the Consistory towards the fulfillment of the congregation’s mission.
  4. Community Engagement—the Pastor will participate in the life and events of the close-knit city of Wellsburg.
  5. Pastoral Care—the Pastor will provide timely spiritual direction and pastoral care.

Expectations – The Pastor will:

  1. Affirm a Reformed interpretation of Scripture as described in the historic confessions of the Reformed faith.
  2. Be ordained or ordainable by the Alliance of ReformedChurches or by a historic Reformed denomination.
  3. Represent the congregation in the community and denomination.
  4. Find ways to care for his physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, and that of his family members.

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