Rukes Group

Pastor (Head of Staff)

Rukes Group (First Presbyterian Church ) - Sibley, IA

Position: Pastor (Head of Staff)

Church: First Presbyterian Church

Location: Sibley, Iowa


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The growing and dynamic First Presbyterian Church of Sibley, Iowa has begun a search for its next Pastor/Head of Staff to help her live into its mission of “inviting all people to celebrate Christ and reclaim strong Biblical values.”

This person will have the opportunity to join an active, caring, generous, and healthy congregation known for its commitment to biblical values, the authority of Scripture, and an excellent ministry to children and youth.

The next Pastor/Head of Staff will have the privilege of leading a determined staff of professionals and volunteers, as well as guiding the Session (Elders) into its next chapter of life and ministry.

The ideal candidate is: 

  1. An energetic communicator, able to craft and deliver biblical and relevant sermons that effectively speak to both new and maturing Christians.
  2. A creative liturgist who enjoys planning and participating in worship services.
  3. An organizational leader who is effective in conflict resolution and reconciliation strategies.
  4. A shepherd whose love for the congregation and desire for its spiritual well-being prompts him to provide spiritual direction and pastoral care to those in need.
  5. A bridge-builder who establishes and maintains relationships with the local community, including its pastors (Osceola County Ministerial Association), and with the Presbytery of Upper Midwest (ECO).

The Pastor/Head of Staff will be responsible for: 

  1. The bulk of the preaching and will have opportunity to teach as time allows.
  2. The planning and delivery of engaging, life-transforming worship services.
  3. Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry by partnering with the Session towards the embrace of a compelling vision and mission, accompanied by the implementation of effective strategies.
  4. Providing timely spiritual direction and pastoral care.
  5. Representing congregation in the broader community and denomination.

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