Part-Time Outbound Sales Representative

Rummage Staffing Solutions, LLC. - Las Vegas, NV

Outbound Sales Representative 

Outbound sales representatives will contact prospects and customers to sell services. Make cold calls to leads and generate sales for the organizations across all industries.

Outbound Sales Representative Duties and Responsibilities

Outbound sales representative has a simple goal: convert leads into sales. To accomplish this feat, the outbound sales representative performs the following tasks:

Educate Customers

Outbound sales representatives simultaneously provide prospects and customers with information about the business services without sounding “robotic” or “rehearsed.” As such, outbound sales representatives will possess a strong customer service background.

Retrieve Customer Information

Outbound sales representative will set up new customer accounts, access existing customer accounts, and manage sensitive customer data across one or more computer systems. They will multitask frequently and in many instances update records in a computer system while conversing with customers.

Respond to Customer Concerns and Questions

The outbound sales representative understands the  company’s products services and their advantages and disadvantages. Outbound sales representative will quickly address customer concerns and questions and overcome potential roadblocks.

Provide Inbound Call Assistance

Outbound sales representatives possess communication skills that make it easy to transition between outbound and inbound calls.

Outbound Sales Representative Skills and Qualifications

  • Customer service – outbound sales representatives ensure prospects and customers enjoy an outstanding experience any time they engage with the brand
  • Research experience – outbound sales representatives is research-oriented; they enjoy learning about prospects and customers and find innovative ways of engaging with them to drive sales
  • Persistence – outbound sales representatives may deal with resistant prospects and customers, but they must remain driven and positive even in the face of adversity to transform leads into sales
  • Communication skills – outbound sales representatives are personable communicators who clearly and persuasively describe services to customers to encourage sales transactions
  • Mathematics -outbound sales representatives perform basic calculations to provide prospects and customers with accurate prices and quotes
  • Typing – outbound sales representatives must be able to type at least 40 words per minute and perform various data entry tasks
  • Problem-solving skills – outbound sales representative will identify and address prospect clients and customer concerns during the sales process


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