Sales Recruiters Chicago, Dallas, Denver

Regional Sales Manager - Texas, New Mexico, Conveyors

Sales Recruiters Chicago, Dallas, Denver

We are recruiting for a Regional Sales Manager in the Conveyor and Component equipment industry covering both Texas and New Mexico. Sales into the heavy material bulk handling industries. Specifically, conveyors and their components. The industries include mining, coal, aggregate, quarries, cement, steel, limestone, paper, etc.

Sales Priorities: Developing new business and gaining market penetration selling conveyor components., and chemicals, along with OEM

You will be responsible for acquiring new contacts and business in other verticals such as other material industries outside including Steel, Cement, Aggregate and Sand, Pulp and Sawmills, and Ports and Terminals.

Developing new business is only part of the responsibilities of the successful candidate. Being the face and handling for our client all the existing business and accounts in the assigned territory and strengthening relationships to create additional revenue streams while solidifying the existing ones. Let us not about putting out fires in addition which is understood in all sales roles that include handling account management details.

In short, you will be the lifeline of our client’s conveyor product line, dust control and suppression products, as well as all replacement parts and services.

Checklist of things you will be doing and held responsible for:

  • Produce project proposals for new business opportunities.
  • Create contacts within different functional areas of new and existing accounts.
  • Be comfortable being on-site and conversing with plant personnel to market our client’s product line.
  • Comonents portfolio in assigned territory to new and existing customers/prospects.
  • Being a successful investigator and uncovering potential opportunities (companies) our client has not yet cracked or sold into.
  • Provides legible and smart intel weekly reports on progress including to activity, sales goals, RFQ, PO’s closing deals, dates, and new projects, each week.
  • Knowledge of Salesforce and CRMs.
  • Minimum Expectations to feed Sales Funnel:
  • Two new leads per week or five new Opportunities per week
  • Visit five plants per week to Perform 5-7 appointments per week
  • Submit six qualified Quotes per month o 20 new customers per year
  • Educational/Experience Requirements:
  • The position requires College Degree or equivalent long-term industry experience
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in technical or industrial sales
  • Proficiency in Windows Interface and Microsoft Applications including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Posted On: Monday, February 27, 2023

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