TELEMEDICINE - Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNP)

Seasoned Recruitment - Nashville, TN

Essential Functions:
1. Provide exemplary customer service to patients, visitors, and co-workers.
2. Provide convenient, friendly patient care to all who come through our door seeking health-related services.
3. Assess patients’ mental and physical status based on the presenting symptoms and complaints.
4. Collaborate with interdisciplinary team members; including other providers, nurses, front desk staff, x-ray, and other support staff.
5. Diagnose psychiatric disorders and mental health conditions.
6. Provide supportive therapy to individuals or family members for those with chronic mental health conditions.
7. Promptly and on a timely basis document patients’ medical and psychological histories, mental status exams, diagnoses, treatment plans, prescriptions, or outcomes.
8. Educate patients and family members about mental health, medications, and treatment plans.
9. Monitor patients’ medication usage and results.
10. Administer and monitor prescribed prescriptions for psychotropic medications as allowed by laws and regulations.
11. Learn the aspects of compliance in the company by completing all mandatory compliance training.
12. The ability to maintain friendly, cordial relations with all employees.
13. The ability to build and maintain confidence and credibility with all employees.
14. The ability to build and maintain friendly, cordial relations with patients.
15. The ability to build and maintain friendly, cordial relations with pharmacies, referral sources, and members of the professional community.
16. The ability to maintain a positive work atmosphere by acting and communicating in a manner that results in a positive work relationship with patients, co-workers, and managers.
17. The ability to perform the physical, use of senses, cognitive, and environmental functions of the position, as specified on the physical demands.
18. Ability to comply with Company standards of operations.
19. The ability to promote and maintain a respectful culture of the employee, employer, and business confidentiality.
20. Ability to adhere to the Core Values of the Company, teamwork, communication, empowerment, quality of care, and friendliness.

Masters or Doctorate Degree as required for licensure to practice as a Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner


• At least one year of experience working as a Nurse Practitioner in a mental health setting

Current License or Certification:
• Valid State Nurse Practitioner License
• Valid DEA License
• ANCC Family Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
• Willingness to seek additional state licenses if needed

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