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Our client is one of the largest providers of facility-based crisis services in Arizona, Connections Health Solutions operates two crisis centers – one in metropolitan Phoenix, the other in Tucson. We believe that creating a safe, healing, and respectful space for our patients is essential to recovery-oriented care.

Our client is a behavioral health company that provides crisis stabilization and access to care for anyone needing behavioral health services. Become part of a team that will make a difference in someone’s life every day. They are hiring a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) for the Crisis Response Center (CRC) who will contribute to consumer care through medication administration and documentation, transcription of Provider orders and ongoing assessment of consumers by collecting data on both Behavioral/Physical health and any substance abuse issues/history, and documentation of observed behaviors and interventions. The LPN provides education to the consumer during admission and at time of discharge regarding behavioral health diagnosis, and medications to help promote compliance with treatment.


•Contributes data for the Nursing Assessment, ongoing re-assessment and health history under the supervision of the RN. Collaborates with RN on the consumer’s plan of care and reports pertinent information such blood glucose, CIWA/CINA scores, and breathalyzer scores.

•Transcribes Provider orders and administers medications as prescribed. Coordinates with patient to sign medication consent form. Performs chart checks and signs off as a second noted on medications prescribed. Draw labs and provide wound care as ordered by Providers when required. Accurately record all medication brought in by patient on medication reconciliation/storage form.

•Supports Behavioral Health Specialists on the floor managing milieu and gathering information regarding psychopharmacological and physiological needs of patients.

•Provides education concerning physical health, Psychiatric diagnosis, treatment options and psychopharmacology to consumers, families and all others involved in the consumer’s care.

•Intervenes with appropriate verbal interventions to diffuse out of control or potentially dangerous behaviors. Demonstrates ability to effectively use therapeutic option theory and technique and can describe and demonstrate their roles and responsibilities, based on specific job duties or responsibilities, relative to safety.

•Administers emergency medication as ordered during the seclusion/restraint process. Demonstrates thorough knowledge of psychotropic medications.

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