Telemedicine - Community Health Psychiatrist

Seasoned Recruitment - Washington, DC

Required Skills and Experience:

1. You are a board-certified Psychiatrist licensed to practice in Washington, DC.

2. 3+ years experience providing direct mental health treatment.

3. You are an independent self-starter, a leader, and a strategic thinker who is excited about the big picture of whole community health, and the ongoing evaluation and iteration of our care model.

4. You are excited about how technology can support your work and help drive the ongoing evaluation toward new, better, care.

5. You have no restrictions on your ability to provide care to Medicaid or Medicare patients.


What You Need to Know:

1. Rotating on-call schedule - phone, every 6 weeks on for 1 week.

2. Currently 99% telehealth, but long term 100% of time in clinic + 1 day/month of home visits.

3. No night home visits - home visits are during business hours.

4. Follow a panel of members to provide behavioral health assessments, diagnosis, treatment recommendations, treatment planning, clinical treatment, medication management, and follow-up planning.

5. Be a key contributor in the development and implementation of behavioral health clinical programming within the hub/market and capabilities that support both core business and long-range company growth.

6. Work with clinical and operational leadership to measure and continuously improve the quality of behavioral health care provided to members in your market.

While full remote right now. After COVID, the expectation would be to be in the clinic every day with one day a month of home visits.

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