Correctional Registered Nurse

Seasoned Recruitment - San Diego, CA

The successful candidate should be able to perform ALL of the following functions at a pace and level of performance consistent with the actual job performance requirements.

  1. Apply appropriate nursing skills in the area and treatment of inmates/residents.
  2. Provides leadership in improving and sustaining the quality and effectiveness of care in diverse or complex programs.
  3. Monitors key indicators of health status and clinic operations.
  4. Uses screening and focused study formats to detect variation in the healthcare delivery process.
  5. Designs data collection instruments; compiles and analyzes data; design interventions to address issues.
  6. Provides written reports and conducts CQI meetings.
  7. Participates in preparation for accreditation and inspections.
  8. Attend sick call with the physician to see inmates/residents; prepare a list of inmates/residents to be examined; prepare examining room and equipment
  9. Examine and assess new inmates/residents with illnesses or injuries or inmates/residents who become ill or injured; refer inmates/residents to the emergency room or other appropriate healthcare facilities as required by their condition.
  10. Perform emergency procedures as needed and notify Licensed Independent Provider for treatment orders.
  11. Provide guidance, supervise, and monitor nursing care provided by licensed vocational/practical nursing staff and non-licensed medical staff.

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