Director of Nursing

Seasoned Recruitment - Harlingen, TX

Required skills & experience:
1. Candidate will possess an accredited and approved nursing degree; preferably a Master's Degree.
2. Preference given to those with 3 (+) years of behavioral health experience
3. Candidate will possess a valid current registered nursing license
4. 5+ years of supervisory experience

What you need to know:
1. Relocation will be negotiated on hire
2. State of the art facility
3. Professional development offered Day 1 of hire


Customer Service
1. In-person and telephone communication is consistently attentive, responsive and reflects “helpfulness”.
2. Professional awareness and boundaries are observed. Unnecessary self-disclosure is minimized.
3. Telephones are answered by the third ring whenever possible and a professional greeting. Dedicated extensions/mobile phones with voice mail have a personalized greeting, and messages retrieved/responded to in a timely manner.
4. Critical customer encounters are met with advanced customer service skills and resolved.

Nursing Services
1. Develops, maintains, and implements nursing policies and procedures that conform to current standards of nursing practice, facility philosophy and operational policies while maintaining compliance with state and federal laws and regulations.
2. Makes nursing diagnosis of the medical and emotional status of patients and recommends treatment options.
3. Consults with psychiatrists and other behavioral health staff in designing appropriate treatment plans for clients. Provides overall supervision of client assessments and care plans. Coordinates nursing services with all other departments.
4. Communicates and interprets policies and procedures to nursing staff, and monitors staff practices and implementation. Evaluates the work performance of all nursing personnel. When indicated initiates a refresher or recertifies competency in nursing processes.
5. Participates in daily or weekly management team meetings to discuss client’s status, identify indicators for the reassessment of client’s condition, reaction/responsiveness, and involvement of other disciplines. Discusses census changes, personnel, or resident complaints or concerns.
6. Ensures delivery of compassionate quality care and nursing supervision as evidenced by adequate services and staff coverage on the unit.
7. Participates in the recruitment and selection of nursing personnel and ensures sufficient staff is hired. Supervises the development and delivery of in-service education for all nursing staff.
8. Supervises staff to ensure compliance with OSHA mandates and facility policies on workplace safety. Establishes, implements and monitors the infection control program, safety, and risk management. Prepares or reviews infection control surveillance reports to identify trends and to develop effective actions to control and prevent infections. Serves as an active member of the Quality Assurance (QA) committee.
9. Participates in budget development for the nursing department.
10. Assists the CEO in preparing staff for inspection survey. Participates in the preparation of the Plan of Correction response to an inspection survey and implements any follow-up QA required for any nursing allegations.

1. Continuously self regulates professional presentation, especially during emotionally charged situations.
2. Presents informed and available to medical staff during patient rounds or telephonic consultations.
3. Partners with others to ensure cohesive teamwork and healthy communication.
4. Gives consideration to situations that may produce divisiveness or be received as diminishing others' role or authority.
5. Considers the employees demonstrated strengths and skill-set in making patient care assignments.

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